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[edit] July, The Female Spy the side-quest

July, The Female Spy the side-quest This event can only happen after Tomb of Raithwall event and before story reaches to Mosphoran Highwaste.

- First, head to Nalbina and find two guards who block the way to Mosphoran. Talk to July sitting away in front of them knowing she is undertaking a job, and she wants to end it and back to Archades.

- Close to the guards and listen to their discussion. The Senior Guard told The Junior Guard not to leave his post not ever what happen. But the Junior Guard said he can’t bear the smell of chocobo.

- Hire a chocobo and drive this guard, he will scream and run away. Junior Guard's family is Chocobo Gardener, and always get the smell, he work hard and save the money to buy a perfume from Viera to cover this disfavored and married his wife. This is t he secret he keeps all the time. That's why Julie was hired to search for.

- After that, July turns to you and thank. She pursues you to come Archades for the reward. When you reach to Imperial City of Archades, find her in the magic shop and get your reward, which is Salamand Halcyon. It's a treasure to trade for Arcturus (Atk +44) gun type weapon.

That sidequest can be missed if you finish the story events at Mosphoran Highwaste.

it most be done before reaching that place.

[edit] Sisters side-quest

First you got to talk to the Chief Steward on your first airship flight, She'll ask you if you want to participate in this side-quest.

You will get the item "Ann's Letter" that you will have to deliver to her six sisters, who are "Chief Stewards" on other airships throught all Ivalice.

Airship Letters Delivery:

  • Rabanastre to Nalbina
  • Rabanastre to Archades
  • Rabanastre to Bhujerba
  • Bhujerba to Balfonheim
  • Balfonheim to Nalbina
  • Balfonheim to Archades
  • Archades to Nalbina

IF you complete this side-quest you get a "Renewal ring"

6 Defence 5 Magick resistence and auto Regen.

[edit] Zeromus

Available after beating Judge Bergan. Talk to the Acolyte that is in front of the Grand Kiltias door. He will give you the key of the condemner. Head back to the Stilshrine of Miriam. Go all the way to the back. If you have the key, there should be 2 Reapers at the way stone. Switch all your gambits from magic to items. A mist field falls on you forbidding magic. Zeromus is not alone. He is accompanied by 30 Dead Bones. After you fight and obtain Zeromus, you can go back to fight the dead bones for lp gil and exp farming.

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