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Songstress is a dressphere in Final Fantasy X-2. An often bemoaned as "useless" dressphere, this is actually a very useful sphere if the time is taken to level it up. Abilities such as Haste, Magic Up, and Defense Up can be cast on your allies. Darkness, Silence, and Sleep can be cast on your opponents.

[edit] How to Obtain

  1. Yuna Starts with this dressphere

[edit] Abilities List

Ablility Effect AP Required
Darkness Dance Blinds enemies whilst dancing 00
Samba of Silence Silences Foes whilst dancing 20
MP Mambo MP cost for party = 0 whilst dancing 20
Magical Masque Magic attacks dont hurt party 20
Sleepy Shuffle Enemy Sleeps whilst dancing 80
Carnival Cancun Party's MAX HP doubled whilst dancing 80
Slow Dance Slows enemy whilst dancing 60
Break Dance Stops enemy whilst dancing 120
Jitterbug Hastes party whilst dancing 120
Dirty Dancing Party hits for Critical Damage 160
Battle Cry Raises Party's Strength 10
Cantus Firmus Raises Party's Defense 10
Esoteric Melody Raises Party's Magic 10
Disenchant Raises Party's Magic Defence 10
Perfect Pitch Raises Party's Accuracy 10
Matador's Song Raises Party's evasion 10
Total Ap Required 740

Note that the method for obtaining the Dressphere has come from Krunal's Dressphere's FAQ

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