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Spira is the name of the planet on which the characters of Final Fantasy X & Final Fantasy X-2 live. It is made of a very large continent surrounded by smaller islands. The planet contains a number of locations which can be seen on the map to the right.


[edit] Besaid

Main Article: Besaid

This small southern island is the hometown of Yuna, Wakka, and Lulu. The island itself is scattered with ruins. The village proper is small with only a few huts, but at the center is Besaid Temple, home of the aeon Valefor.

[edit] Kilika

Main Article: Kilika

As the party nears the island, Sin arrives and devastates the village. Before going to Kilika Temple, home of the fire aeon Ifrit, the party and the Besaid Aurochs help to begin rebuilding the town. By FFX-2, Kilika is completely rebuilt with two stories, a central water channel, several crossover paths, and several new homes. The temple is barricaded from the town due to the growing New Yevon-Youth League conflict.

[edit] Luca

Main Article: Luca (FFX)

Luca is the second largest city in Spira and location of the only blitzball stadium. Here, Tidus learns from Auron the whereabouts of his father, Jecht, and both join Yuna’s journey as guardians.

[edit] Mi'ihen Highroad

Main Article: Mi'ihen Highroad

The Mi'ihen Highroad is a long dirt road named for Lord Mi'ihen, a high summoner who founded the Crusaders. The road can be traveled by chocobo or foot (or hovercar in X-2). Yuna is challenged for the first time by Belgemine, a former summoner, in a friendly duel of aeons. At the center of the Mi’ihen Highroad is an inn where the party can rest and rent chocobos. Below the Highroad is a ravine that leads to a dead end. In X-2, there is a new location in the ravine available by using the Amazing Chocobo.

[edit] Mushroom Rock

Mushroom Rock Artwork

Mushroom Rock is a small mountainous region that serves as the base for the Crusaders. Mushroom Rock Road connects the Mi’ihen Highroad and Djose. The party meets Seymour once again who allows them passage into the blockaded road. The Crusaders have teamed up with the maesters and the Al Bhed in Operation Mi’ihen, during which they plan to lure Sin and destroy it. The plan fails and results in many deaths, including either Luzzu or Gatta, depending upon the player’s actions.

In X-2, Mushroom Rock has become the center of operation for the newly formed Youth League, which many former members of the Crusaders have joined. A new location is available in the ravine called the Den of Woe.

[edit] Djose

Main Article: Djose

Djose is a small area housing only a temple and a shop. Djose Temple is home to the thunder aeon Ixion, and where Yuna meets Isaaru and his brothers.

In X-2, the temple itself is defunct and becomes the base for the Machine Faction led by Gippal. The girls can sign up to dig in Bikanel Desert in exchange for gil.

[edit] Moonflow

Main Article: Moonflow

The Moonflow is a great waterway that attracts pyreflies. Tidus is introduced to the shoopuf (a new creature in the FF series) and the Hypello race.

In FFX-2, the geography of the Moonflow is the same, but it is on its way to becoming a center of entertainment led by Tobli and the Hypello.

[edit] Guadosalam

Main Article: Guadosalam

Guadosalam is the home of the Guado. There are several layers to the town littered with homes and shops. At the very top is the Farplane where citizens can visit to see images of their departed loved ones. At the center of Guadosalam is a large mansion, home to Seymour (and later LeBlanc).

[edit] Thunder Plains

Main Article: Thunder Plains

The Thunder Plains are a vast open area which, like the name suggests, is riddled with lightning. There are ten towers which serve to attract the lightning and protect travelers. In X-2, this is the location of Yuna’s concert during which she sings "1000 Words" and the party learns of Shuyin and Lenne’s tragic past.

[edit] Macalania

Main Article: Macalania

Macalania boasts a sparkling forest, a frozen lake, and a large temple. The forest is a twisting path throught he treest to an agency and the temple. At Macalania Temple, which is home to the ice aeon Shiva, the party confronts Seymour over his father’s death and kill him, effectively being branded traitors of Yevon. Later, after the party escapes the clutches of Bevelle, Tidus and Yuna share a special moment in the spring in one of the most popular FMVs of the game.

In FFX-2, Macalania Woods is fading and its inhabitants, the musicians, are in danger of fading with it. The Guado have escaped here to hide from Spira. The temple has sunken below the ice, and O'aka XXIII, who has purchased the shop, has gotten into debt trouble with the Al Bhed.

[edit] Bevelle

Main Article: Bevelle

Bevelle is the largest city in Spira and the center for the Yevon religion. Bevelle Temple is home to the aeon Bahamut. Yuna is taken here by the Guado to marry the unsent Seymour.

In FFX-2, Bevelle has become the center of New Yevon who claims to not have secrets like the old Yevon. The girls meet Baralai for the first time as the new praetor of New Yevon. A new location is available here towards the end of the game, the Via Infinito, which has 100 levels of some of the toughest fights in the game.

[edit] Calm Lands

Main Article: Calm Lands

The Calm Lands are a vast open grasslands with a small rest area and shop at the center. A secret area, available only with a chocobo, hides Remiem Temple where the unsent Belgemine resides. At the northern base of the Calm Lands is the Cavern of the Stolen Fayth where the aeon Yojimbo can be found.

[edit] Mt. Gagazet

Main Article: Mt. Gagazet

Mt. Gagazet is a snow-covered mountain and home of the Ronso. Kimahri confronts his rivals Biran and Yenke and defeats them, finally earning their respect.

In FFX-2, Kimahri has been made the elder of the remaining Ronso. The Floating Ruins, a new area, has opened up for exploration.

[edit] Zanarkand

Main Article: Zanarkand

[edit] Zanarkand Ruins

The Zanarkand Ruins are considered a holy place. This is the end of all summoners' journeys where they obtain the Final Aeon.

In FFX-2, Cid has turned the ruins into a tourist attraction to Yuna's dismay.

[edit] Dream Zanarkand

This is the hometown of the main protagonist, Tidus, and his father Jecht, and the starting location of the game.

[edit] Baaj Island

Baaj Temple Artwork

After his first encounter with Sin, Tidus is transported to Baaj Island. Tidus meets Rikku and the Al Bhed here for the first time. Baaj Temple, a hidden location underwater, is also home to the aeon Anima. The party learns that the Fayth of Anima is Seymour’s mother, and she asks the party to stop her son.

[edit] Bikanel Island

Main Article: Bikanel Island

Bikanel Island is a desert island where the Al Bhed reside in a place they appropriately call Home. By the time the party arrives, however, Home is destroyed by the Guado in their search for Yuna.

In FFX-2, the Machine Faction has set up a small camp. Hired diggers are sent out from here to comb the desert for machine parts left behind in the wake of the destruction of Home. It is also the home of the Cactuar Nation.

[edit] Omega Ruins

This is a hidden location on the map only available through searching. Here the party encounters Ultima Weapon and Omega Weapon.

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