Squall Leonhart

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Squall Leonhart
Job SeeD Student/Member
Age 17
Weapon Gunblade
Height 5'8"

Squall Leonhart is the main playable protagonist of Final Fantasy VIII. Squall is 17 years old, although acts much beyond his age. He is one of few specialists in handling the Gunblade, a gun-sword hybrid weapon. He is often haunted by the painful memories of his past, but conceals them deep within, putting on a brave and taciturn face in his daily life.

Squall's Limit Break, Renzokuken consists of a trigger bar whereby the player must press a button when a moving line hits a certain point in the bar. If done successfully, this will sometimes trigger a finishing move that can be quite devastating to the enemy.


[edit] Character Design

An in-game shot of the Hero.

Tetsuya Nomura and Yoshinori Kitase collaborated on the design for Squall. Originally planned with more feminine features, it was then decided to make him stylized. Specific features such as his scar and pendant were added to help generate a background for the character. The scar bears significance due to the scar sported by rival Seifer, a mirror of Squall's scar.

The design of Squall has been criticized for being too Westernized,compared to his more Asian inspired love interest, sparking claims the game is hinting at the West's dominance. The creators dismissed any such claims, stating the character designs were based on nothing but what best suited their personality. His design and attitude is based on River Phoenix.

[edit] Final Fantasy VIII

Squall Leonhart is a loner by nature, and believes that people should rely only on themselves. While having all the capabilities needed to lead, Squall tends to reject the role of a leader wherever he can. While many in Garden look upon Squall with admiration and respect, he disregards them, choosing to live his life wholly independently.

A SeeD candidate at the onset, Squall wakes up in the infirmary with a head injury that creates a permanent scar, caused by antagonist Seifer Almasy. A mission to the dukedom of Dollet brings Squall into contact with some Galbadian soldiers which is just the beginning of what will soon become a larger problem. Making the position of SeeD with little effort, Squall's first post is to be sent to Timber to assist with it's liberation by special request of Rinoa Heartilly, the leader and princess of the Timber Owls. This chance meeting creates the thread that ties the events of Squall's life heavily to the protection of not just Timber, but the much larger world.

Squall is one of very few gunblade specialists that reside at Balamb Garden. Headmaster Cid would be elated if Squall could join the ranks of SeeD as one of the only specialists of this particular weapon as it has been awhile since he has seen anyone with such talent. Squall is also considered to be one of Headmaster Cid's favorites as he later is elevated to headmaster position in light of events that lead to a conflict with Galbadia Garden.

Orphaned at an early age, Squall transferred to the Military Academy of Balamb Garden as a youngster and excelled in combat. Despite being calm and level-headed, Squall can not tolerate fellow student and rival Seifer Almasy, and tends to lose his composure around the arrogant young man.

[edit] Other Appearances

[edit] Dissidia: Final Fantasy

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Squall Dissidia.png

Squall appears in the PSP game Dissidia, where he and other heroes of Final Fantasy battle it out with the main villains of the series.

[edit] Abilities

Bravery Attacks
Name Acquired Type CP (M) AP for Mastery Description Additional Effect
Upper Blues Initial Ground 30 (15) 120 strikes enemy with gunblade knocking them upward, then strikes three times, knocking them back down Wall Rush
Blizzard Barret Initial Ground 20 (10) 90 fires an ice shard at the enemy none
Heel Crush Initial Aerial 30 (15) 180 spins toward enemy, strikes them with gunblade, and knocks them down Magic Block, Wall Rush
Solid Barrel Level 3 Ground 30 (15) 120 strikes enemy four times, knocking them upward, then shoots them three times, knocking them away Chase
Thunder Barret Level 6 Ground 30 (15) 120 fires a line of lightning bolts toward enemy none
Beat Fang Level 10 Aerial 30 (15) 180 strikes enemy three times, then moves above them and strikes them several more times, knocking them down Wall Rush
Fusillade Level 22 Ground 30 (15) 120 fires four balls of energy at enemy, followed by a bolt of lightning Chase
Mystic Flurry Level 33 Aerial 30 (15) 180 fires shards of ice (if it goes long range, they turn into lightning bolts) Wall Rush

HP Attacks
Name Acquired Type CP (M) AP for Mastery Description Additional Effect
Fated Circle Initial Ground 40 (20) 180 swings gunblade in a horizontal circle creating balls of energy that explode Absorb, Magic Block, Wall Rush
Rough Divide (ground) Initial Ground 40 (20) 300 leaps, rushes at enemy, and strikes with gunblade Wall Rush
Aerial Circle Initial Aerial 40 (20) 180 swings gunblade in a vertical circle creating balls of energy that explode Absorb, Magic Block, Wall Rush
Rough Divide (midair) Level 16 Aerial 40 (20) 300 leaps, rushes at enemy, and strikes with gunblade Wall Rush
Blasting Zone Level 28 Ground 40 (20) 300 strikes ground with gunblade, sending a line of energy at enemy none
Revolver Drive Level 38 Ground 40 (20) 180 charges enemy with gunblade, using joystick to guide & holding Square Button.png for more time Wall Rush

[edit] Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy

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Squall returns as a Warrior of Cosmos in the prequel to Dissidia.

[edit] Theatrhythm Final Fantasy

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Squall Leonhart Theatrhythm.png

Squall represents Final Fantasy VIII in the 3DS rhythm game.

[edit] Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call

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Squall returns in the sequel to represent Final Fantasy VIII.

[edit] Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade

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Squall appears as a Legendary character.

[edit] Final Fantasy All the Bravest

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Squall ATB.png

Squall appears as one of the random purchasable Premium characters in the shop.

[edit] Final Fantasy Record Keeper

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FFRK Squall.png
A natural born warrior who wields a gunblade on the field of battle. Stubborn to a fault, Squall can come off as brusque and standoffish, but there's no doubting his skill. - official description

Squall is a playable character representing Final Fantasy VIII. He can be acquired by completing the Master Room challenge event dungeon for the first time.

[edit] Memory Crystal

Squall's Memory Crystal can be acquired by completing the Balamb Garden challenge event for the first time.

[edit] Record Materia

Squall has one Record Materia. Composure is awarded for breaking Squall's level cap. It allows his attack to deal more Damage, but fills his Soul Break gauge more slowly.

[edit] Abilities

Blade Flurry.png

Squall uses Blade Flurry as his default Soul Break. By equipping the Revolver (VIII), he can also use the Rough Divide Soul Break.

Squall can use any Combat ability up to Rank 5 and Spellblade ability up to Rank 3. He can also use any Black Magic and White Magic spells up to Rank 2.

[edit] Equipment

Squall can equip the following weapons:

Squall can equip the following armor:

[edit] Stats

Level HP Atk Def Mag Res Mind Acc Eva Spd
1 202 12 8 8 8 8 20 20 83
50 3716 110 78 72 78 72 22 22 111
65 4619 140 96 95 100 95 23 23 119

[edit] Kingdom Hearts

Squall's design in Kingdom Hearts

Kingdom Hearts Wiki Article: Leon

Squall appears under the assumed name of Leon at twenty-five years old. He is one of the main supporting characters in Kingdom Hearts and a has a large part in the storyline.

Sora first meets Leon in Traverse Town where they battle so that Leon can test Sora's strength. During battle, Leon utilizes his iconic gunblade. Afterward, he brings Sora to the hotel to meet Yuffie. Leon teaches Sora about the Heartless and what it means to be the keyblade wielder. Along with Aerith, Leon and Yuffie failed to save their home and were forced to flee to Traverse Town.

When Sora returns to Traverse Town later, he finds Leon training in the Secret Waterway where Leon explains the keyholes and the importance of using the keyblade to seal them.

After rescuing Kairi, Sora encounters Leon again. Leon warns the group of Malificent, and follows them when they leave. At Hollow Bastien, Leon explains that once Sora closes the final keyhole they may not see each other again.

During the closing credits, Leon, Aerith, Cid, and Yuffie are reunited with Cloud.

Leon is also an opponent in the Olympus Coliseum. He is the final boss along with Yuffie in the Pegasus Cup. He is also a boss along with Cloud in the Hades Cup.

[edit] Kingdom Hearts ReCoM

Still going by Leon, Squall reappears as a figment of Sora's memories. He teaches Sora more about the cards and battles. His design is unchanged from Kingdom Hearts.

[edit] Kingdom Hearts II

Squall's Kingdom Hearts 2 Design

Leon appears in the Kingdom Hearts games older than he was in Final Fantasy VIII (age 26 in KHII). He's in the Restoration Committee with Yuffie, Aerith, and Cid. During the ending credits he is seen reading a letter that has a butterfly floating out of it (a Rinoa reference).

[edit] Quotes

"...Whatever." (FFVIII)
"I dreamt I was a moron." (FFVIII)
"Will they... Will they talk about me this way if I die, too? Squall was this and that. Using past tense, saying whatever they want? So this is what death is all about... ...Not for me. I won't have it!!!" (FFVIII)
"Forget it. I don't want friends who won't be around tomorrow." (FFVIII)
"Still hard to believe that you of all people are the chosen one. Well, I suppose beggars can't be choosers." (to Sora - KH)
"Think you can handle this many?" (to Cloud - KH2)

[edit] Gallery

Squall Leonhart Dissidia.jpg
Artwork of Squall in Dissidia
Squall Ex Dissidia.png
Squall's Ex Mode in Dissidia
Squall Alternate Dissidia.png
Squall's SeeD form in Dissidia
Squall Dis012 SeeD Ex.png
Squall's Ex Mode for his SeeD form in Dissidia
Squall Alt2.png
Squall's Amano form in Dissidia
Squall Alt2 Ex.png
Squall's Ex Mode for his Amano form in Dissidia
Squall Dis012 KH.png
Squall's DLC Kingdom Hearts outfit for Dissidia 012

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