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During a battle in Final Fantasy IX, some enemies are able to inflict one or all of your party members with a status ailment.
There are lots of different kinds, some which you will rarely encounter but others you'll experience more often.
There are two ways to deal with status ailments:

1.Equip a certain ability that will place a guard against certain status ailments in battle.
For example equipping "Clear Headed" as an ability will guard you against being inflicted with Confuse during a battle.

2. Use an item in your inventory to remove the status ailment.
There is a large list of different items that can cure a number of status ailments.

In alphabetical order:

Berserk -

The inflicted character is no longer controllable by yourself and will act on his/her own accord.
However, his/her physical attacks will increase when she is in Berserk Mode.
Cure - Gysahl Greens or Remedy

Confuse -

Just like Berserk, you loose control of your inflicted character.
However, the inflicted character may also attack one of your other characters.
Cure -Equip the "Clear Head" ability or use a Remedy.

Darkness/Blind -

Your accuracy is decreased so hitting the enemy and not missing becomes less likely.
Cure - Eyedrops or a Remedy can cure you as well as the equipping the "Bright Eyes" ability.

Freeze -

Your inflicted character will instantly stop and can not be used.
If the character is physically attacked then they will shatter and be killed in the battle.
Cure - Use a flame based magic spell on the inflicted character.

Heat -

If your character does anything she/he will instantly die.
Cure - Use a water or ice based magic spell on the inflicted character

Mini -

Your character will shrink and only be able to hurt enemy's with 1 HP.
His/her defense will also drop.
Cure - Remedy

Petrify -

Your inflicted character will become still and can not be used. Cure - Use a Soft. Use Garnets Stona spell or equip the "Jelly" ability.

Poison -

Slowly loose HP during battle Cure - Use an Antidote or Remedy.
Alternatively, you can equip the "Antibody" ability or use Garnet's Panacea spell.

Silence -

The character that is silenced can not use magic
. Cure - Use the "Loud Mouth" ability or an Echo Screen.

Sleep -

Your characters ATB stops and he/she will become useless.
Cure - Equip the "Insomniac" ability or cast a Remedy on the inflicted party member.

Slow -

Your ATB bar will slow down so it will take you longer to be able to perform any battle functions (attack, magic items etc.)
Cure - Remedy

Stop -

Similar to Sleep except your character just stops in a different method
. The characters ATB bar will stop and he/she will become useless.
Cure - Use a Remedy or equip the "Locomotion" ability.

Trouble -

Trouble will cause a percentage of the damage you (if the character inflicted with Trouble is attacked.)
Receive and spread it among the rest of your party members as well. Cure - Annoyntment.

Venom -

Your character will slowly loose his/her HP and MP during battle but will also be rendered still so you can not use them.
Cure - Antidote or Garnets Panacea spell.

Virus -

The inflicted character will not receive any EXP or AP after the battle
. Cure - Vaccine

Zombie -

Your character will become an undead.
So any curing magic spells will actually harm them.
Cure - Magic Tag.

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