Strago Magus

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Strago Magus
Strago Magus
Age 70
Birthplace Thamasa
Gender Male
Job Blue Mage
Skill Lore
Limit Break Sabre Soul

Strago Magus is one of the main playable characters of Final Fantasy VI. Strago was born in Thamasa with the innate ability to use Magic, like all other residents from Thamasa. Strago has a best friend, Gungho, whom together they would hunt a beast named Hidon but always fail in the process. He is portrayed as Relm's adoptive grandfather and helps Terra and the group stay the night in Thamasa for 1 GP, where the overall price would have cost them a fortune. That night, Relm gets caught in a building fire, and Strago uses Ice based Magic spells to attempt and put the flames out, but the Mayor saw it and said it was forbidden. Strago asks Terra for her help in rescuing Relm, and Shadow alongside Interceptor rush inside the burning building to defeat the Bombs inside, and rescue Relm from the burning building before it fully collapses.

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The next morning Strago reveals to Terra and the Returners that all who are born in Thamasa have an innate magical ability. Relm is no different. Terra explains to him the situation in which she needs to find the Espers in order to negotiate a peace treaty, and Strago agrees to help them. Strago shows Terra the way to the Esper Gate, and attempts a peace treaty with Yura, the leader of the Esper army. During this time, Kefka reveals his intentions as he starts attacking the Espers and capturing their Magicite. After seeing the Gestahlian Empire's actions, he, alongside Relm, join the Returners.

After Kefka's annihilation of the planet, Strago starts to go insane, and joins the Cult of Kefka. Relm finds him along with the party and bring him back to his senses. Strago is a Blue Mage, and he is the only other character who can attack with spells that can't be learned by others. His Lore ability, allow him to learn spells from enemies, however he doesn't need to be hit by them. Just seeing them is enough for Strago to learn the spells. He has very low HP, defense, and physical strength, however Strago excels in Magic damage and has very high MP.

[edit] Quotes

"Come on, children! Let me see the light in your eyes! The old man, here, hasn't given up yet!"
"And then I raised my staff, and POW! Right in the kisser!"

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