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Summoner is one of the core playable classes in Final Fantasy Record Keeper. He can be acquired by completing the Final Fantasy VI dungeon Magitek Factory (Classic) for the first time.

These unique spellcasters call forth powerful creatures with abilities capable of affecting entire groups of enemies and allies. The might of these summons can easily overwhelm lesser forms of magic.


[edit] Memory Crystal

Summoner's Memory Crystal can be acquired by completing the Final Fantasy X dungeon Macalania Temple (Elite) for the first time.

[edit] Record Materia

Summoner has two Record Materia. Summoning Spring I is acquired by breaking the character's level cap, and it gives a chance to restore one summon use at the start of battle. Summoning Spring II has a random chance of dropping anytime after obtaining Summoning Spring I as long as Summoner is in the party. It allows him to restore one summon use at the beginning of battle.

[edit] Abilities


Summoner uses Call I as his default Soul Break. However, by equipping the Gaia Vest (III), he can also use the Call II Soul Break.

Summoner can use any Summoning Magic spell up to Rank 4, and any Black Magic spell up to Rank 2.

[edit] Equipment

Summoner can equip the following weapons:

Summoner can equip the following armor:

[edit] Stats

Level HP Atk Def Mag Res Mind Acc Eva Spd
1 82 5 4 8 9 7 20 20 69
50 1765 41 37 88 94 75 22 22 91
65 2281 53 47 108 115 93 23 23 99

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