The Ark of Agito

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The Ark of Agito
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Gamerscore 15
Description Acquired the airship "Setzer."

The Ark of Agito is a trophy and achievement in Final Fantasy Type-0. To earn this award, obtain the airship "Setzer". After completing the beginning of Chapter 7, there will be a break. The level 37 mission "Operation Homecoming" must be unlocked to obtain the airship.

Complete the following missions to unlock Operation Homecoming:

  • Operation Sticky Fingers
  • Secret Agents Zero
  • The Climactic Clash at Azurr

After completing these missions, speak to the Dominion Tribune near the entrance to Akadameia and accept "Operation Homecoming". Complete the mission, then head to the southern-most point of the Veil Desolands. Approach the airship crash to enter a cave called Silent Key. Activate the four switches inside to unlock the airship and this award.

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