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Caravan is a location in Final Fantasy I that sells some rare tonics that help in battle. The tonic is so helpful that it can be possible to defeat Omega [HP 35000] with twenty or thirty turns with a low-leveled party such as Lv. 30.

The Caravan can be found in the desert located near the Ornac village and the Waterfall Cavern (see on map).

TheCaravan 1.png
The Caravan can easily be found in the north-west in the desert.
TheCaravan 2.png
Once you step in the circle of sand, you will automatically manage to go in the Caravan's establishment.
TheCaravan 3.png
You can now start doing your personal shopping ^_^

The point on using these special tonics or drinks is by using them. If you have an attacker, then use the strength tonic to raise its attack. The ones that will be using the items and recovery magic should always use the speed drink and the ones with weak defense such as a black mage or a red mage should use the protect drink. The more you use a tonic(s) or drink(s), the higher stats you will get. If you used at least ten Strength tonics on an attacker, then your attack will increase a lot! If your normal attack was 400 hits, then it would be above 1600 hits! Using such tonics and drinks works very well in battles with strong enemies such as the ones in the soul of chaos dungeons or the final bosses.

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