The First Step

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(A1-3) The First Step
Mission Report A1-3
Rank 3
Days 20
Fee 100
Type Delivery
Dispatch No
Cancel Yes
Area Targ Wood (?)
Units 1
Forbidden None
Linked From None
Linked To (A1-4) The Next Step
Repeatable  ?

The First Step is an optional Delivery quest in Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift. The quest simply requires you to deliver an item.


[edit] Quest Information

[edit] Requirements

The following items are required to accept this quest:

The following talents are required to accept this quest:

  • Negotiation: 3

[edit] Background

Seems like a Nu Mou needs some ingredients for a possible new healing item, be quick and deliver it!

[edit] Strategy

No strategy needed, simply deliver the requested item.

[edit] Reward

[edit] Easy

The following items are received for completing this quest on easy:

[edit] Hard

The following items are received for completing this quest on hard:

[edit] Dialogue

[edit] Mission Introduction

"-Trade Requested- I will trade my Ocktor Tome of Medicine for your cactus fruit! We will do the deal in Targ Wood. Mack, White Mage"

[edit] Pre-Quest


[edit] Quest Start


[edit] Mid-Battle


[edit] Quest End


[edit] Enemy Information

[edit] Enemies (Easy)


[edit] Enemies (Hard)


[edit] Trivia

  • This is the first Delivery quest you will be able to take.

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