The Motherlode

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The Motherlode
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Shop Speciality Transformation Catalysts

The Motherlode is a shop in Final Fantasy XIII that specializes in transformational catalysts, items needed in the upgrade process in order to transform weapons and accessories into their next tiers.

Item Description Price
Millerite Common in upgrading iron bangles. 3000 gil
Rhodochrosite Common in upgrading silver bangles and energy sashes. 8000 gil
Colbaltite Common in transforming tier 1 elemental resistance rings. 17,000 gil
Perovskite Common in transforming status resistance accesories. 30,000 gil
Uraninite Common in transforming tier elemental resistance rings. 45,000 gil
Mnar Stone Common in transforming elemental charms. 60,000 gil
Scarletite Commono in upgrading tetradic crowns. 100,000 gil

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