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Turks are a unit of the Shinra Company from the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII. Their official name is the Investigation Sector of the General Affairs Department.

Turks’ duties include, but are not limited to, scouting for SOLDIER, guarding the company executives, kidnappings, and assassinations. Even though they perform their duties under Heidegger, they generally use their own judgment. All members of the Turks, including women, wear neatly pressed business suits and ties (the exception being Reno, who is more slack in his appearance). The film, Advent Children, proves that the group survives the fall of the Shinra Company after Meteorfall and appear to work directly for Rufus Shinra. While the group initially serves as an enemy of AVALANCHE, they have put their differences aside, working together to protect Edge from the Remnants.

Members of the Turks have, at one time or another, included Tseng, Reno, Rude, Cissnei, Elena, and Vincent Valentine.

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