Ultima Weapon (FFX)

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Ultima Weapon
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Location Omega Ruins

Ultima Weapon is an optional boss in Final Fantasy X that appears in the Omega Ruins. It is the only boss that can be bribed, suggesting that perhaps Ultima Weapon is not the true boss of the Omega Dungeon.

[edit] Stats

HP (Ovk) MP AP (Ovk) Gil
70000 (13560) 999 40000 (50000) 20000
Strength Defense Magic Mag Def
50 60 45 60
Agility Evasion Accuracy Luck
28 0 0 15
Fire Thunder Water Ice Holy
- - - - -
Sleep Silence Darkness Petrify Slow Zombie
Immune 95 95 Immune Immune Immune
Power Break Armor Break Magic Break Mental Break
Immune Immune Immune Immune
(% dmg/turn)
(# of turns)
Threaten Death
Immune 0 (99) Immune Immune
Nul Spell Shell Protect Reflect
0 0 0 0
Haste Regen Distiller Sensor
0 0 0 Immune
Scan Demi Delay Eject Provoke Zanmato
Immune Immune Immune Immune Immune Lv. 4
Drop Ratio Ability Slots Abilities Attached
255/256 2-3 1
Weapon Abilities Armor Abilities
Double Overdrive Break MP Limit
Gil Required 1,400,000 Items Received Pendulum x99
Item Drop Lv. 3 Key Sphere x3
Item Steal Door to Tomorrow x10 (normal), Door to Tomorrow x20 (rare)
Abilities Break, Confuse, Core Energy, Holy, Shimmering Rain, Silence

[edit] Strategy

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