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[edit] Cloud's Ultima Weapon

To obtain Cloud's ultimate weapon, Ultima Weapon, you must defeat Ultimate WEAPON after it appears in Disc 3.

[edit] Tifa's Premium Heart

To get Tifa's ultimate weapon, Premium Heart, you must complete the side quest "Key to the City". Return to Wall Market and go inside the inn. Examine the vending machine to receive Premium Heart.

[edit] Aeris' Princess Guard

You can find Aeris' ultimate weapon, Princess Guard, in the Temple of the Ancients. Visit the room that looks like a big clock and enter room IV. Princess Guard is at the end.

[edit] Barret's Missing Score

Barret's ultimate weapon, Missing Score, is located on the way up to the Sister Ray, just before the party fights Hojo.

[edit] Vincent's Death Penalty

To obtain Vincent's ultimate weapon, Death Penalty, you must visit Lucrecia's Cave. The Crystal Cave is only accessible via submarine or Gold Chocobo, and is located on the western continent behind a waterfall, southeast of Nibelheim. Visit this location with Vincent Valentine in your party during Disc 2 for some of his backstory. If you visit in Disc 3 with Vincent, you will receive Death Penalty and his 4th Limit Break, Chaos. Note: You must visit the cave during Disc 2 first in order to receive these items.

[edit] Cid's Venus Gospel

To obtain Cid's ultimate weapon, Venus Gospel, visit Rocket Town after the rocket has been launched. Talk to the old man outside the Item Shop several times and he will give you Venus Gospel.

[edit] Yuffie's Conformer

To obtain Yuffie's ultimate weapon, Conformer, visit the crashed Gelnika via submarine. Inside one of the rooms is Conformer.

[edit] Red XIII's Limited Moon

To obtain Red XIII's ultimate weapon, Limited Moon, return to Cosmo Canyon after speaking with Bugenhagen in the Ancient City and locate him inside his bed. Speak with him to receive Limited Moon.

[edit] Cait Sith's HP Shout

Cait Sith's ultimate weapon, HP Shout, can only be obtained during your second excursion into Shinra HQ. On Floor 64, enter the locker room and find HP Shout in one of the lockers in the third row.

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