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Umaro as drawn by Amano
Age 4
Birthplace Caves of Narshe
Job Berserker
Skill none
Limit Break none

Umaro is a hidden playable character of Final Fantasy VI and doesn't play a much vital role in the story. You first catch glimpses of him in the Narshe caves as Terra Branford, and later on as Locke Cole. Although you do see him in the World of Balance, the ledge he is on cannot be reached until the World of Ruin. Once the party acquires the Esper, Tritoch, the ledge can be reached, and once you manage to climb atop the ledge you will see the Terrato Magicite. You have the option to take it, and Umaro comes out angry due to the fact that you stole his jewel and challenges you to a fight. If you win, he will let you pass and keep the Magicite, but if Mog is in the party with you, he will order Umaro to join you, which he obliges.

Umaro has the highest HP, Vit, and defense in the game. If you want a main tank, Umaro is your guy. His Magic defense and attack are far less than mediocre and Umaro can only equip his trademarked Bone Club and Snow Muffler. He can equip Relics, however the Merit Award isn't compatible with him.

Umaro's job class defines what he does in battle best. You cannot control Umaro and he will constantly attack the enemy based on what Relics you give him. If he doesn't have any Relics that give him a special ability, he will gradually charge the enemy. If he has the Rage Ring equipped, Umaro will toss a party member at the enemy, whereas if he has the Blizzard Orb, he will use a special attack named Storm. Umaro has no battle commands and is mainly there for damaging and taking damage.

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