Vajradhara Tai

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Vajradhara Tai
Location Wutai
Chapter 2
Missions 4-1-2
Class Vajradhara

Vajradhara Tai is a boss enemy from Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core that appears with Vajradhara Wu in the Wutai Arena. It is also found in Mission 4-1-2.

[edit] Stats

Level HP (Normal) MP
7 2900 22
Attack Vitality Magic Spirit Luck
14 28 1 1 4
Exp SP Gil
69 80 38
Fire Ice Thunder
- - -
Poison Silence Stun Stop
0 0 0 Immune
Gravity Death Blast Wave Zantetsuken
0 100 50 0
Recovery Time Stagger Interrupt Float
1.5s 5 no no
Drop Potion (normal), Potion x2 (rare)
Steal Potion
Effects -

[edit] Strategy

Focus on taking one of these beasts out at a time because together they will unleash the Twin Tomahawk attack which you can't avoid. Its easy to avoid their regular weapon by rolling away when they hold it over their head, but they'll also use their free hands to swipe at you. Try getting around to the back for critical hits, and keep dodging their attacks. Once you knock one of them down, this fight becomes much easier.

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