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Vargas is one of the minor antagonists of Final Fantasy VI. Vargas is the first real villain encountered that has nothing to do with the Gestahlian Empire and is out for his own selfish agenda. Vargas is Master Duncan's son, who was to be next in line to being the Master of the Duncan Dojo. Sabin, also a student of Master Duncan, always envied Vargas for being Duncan's son, however Vargas failed to see any of this, and sensed nothing but jealousy in Sabin, who was the more talented individual, and saw him as nothing more than a rival who was trying to take his rightful spot as Dojo Master. One day, Duncan disappears and rumors start flying around the Dojo that Vargas has killed him out of jealousy over Sabin, and he starts making his way toward Mt. Kolts.

Atop the mountain, Vargas meets Locke Cole and the Returners on their way to the hideout. He picks a fight with them, and manages to bring them to their knees, however Sabin followed him in order to confront him over Duncan's supposed death. Vargas reveals his jealousy over Sabin, but Sabin sets him straight and reveals to him that Duncan never had any plans of making him the Dojo Master, and that Vargas had the spot secured all along for his father loved him. Vargas becomes enraged and engages in a 1 on 1 duel with Sabin, however Sabin simply overpowers him with his Blitz techniques which he learned from Duncan.

After Sabin's victory over Vargas, it's not known what becomes of Vargas.

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