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Via Infinito is a secret location within Bevelle from Final Fantasy X-2.

One inside the Via Infinito, there are no places to save, but the blue teleporter on the floor will take you back up into the Bevelle Temple where it is possible to save in the room the Kinderguardians are in. The transporter will then give the option of returning to level zero, or returning to the lowest level that has been completed.

[edit] Great Cloister Battles

A Great Cloister is every twentieth level of the dungeon. There is a boss on each of the Great Cloisters, and the party will receive either a crimson sphere or a coveted accessory for defeating it. On Level Zero, there is no boss battle. He will instead just disipate and leave behind a crimson sphere.

After defeat Paragon is defeated, there is a cutscene and Trema bursts onto the scene! Trema is the final and most difficult battle in the Via Infinto.

[edit] Where is it?

The Bevelle Via Infinito is a dungeon made up a series of one hundred floors, on which the party battles increasingly more difficult fiends. This is a great place to level up, and practice skills. There are also Crimson Spheres to be found, and the accessories Catnip and Iron Duke! It is located in Bevelle, and can be found by going into the right hand chamber in the Bevelle Temple. It will not be open until the Kinderguardians "discover" the blue teleporter underneath the stone. Take note that certain accessories such as the "No Encounters" accessory will not work here. But this is a good place to train and gain AP and EXP. Every fiend found in Spira can be found in this area, as long as the party has already encountered them somewhere on the World Map (except Precepts Guard and Georapella) prior to entering the Via Infinito. This is also a great place to oversoul fiends.

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