Ward Zabac

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Ward Zabac
Job Galbadian Soldier
Age 25
Weapon Harpoon
Height 7'0"

Ward Zabac is a playable character in the game Final Fantasy VIII. He is only playable during flashback scenes, during which he takes the stats and junctions of one of your regular party members. The party member in question varies, due to plot or the player's choice.

In his youth, Ward Zabac was a member of the Galbadian army. This was during the Sorceress War, when Galbadia fought against Esthar.

Ward, along with Kiros Seagill tended to follow Laguna, which usually resulted in them getting lost. Unbeknownst to them, this allowed them to witness several things, such as the excavation of the Lunatic Pandora which would become relevant eighteen years later. Ward was also present when Laguna finally got up the courage to talk to Julia Heartilly.

Following an attack by Esthar soldiers, Ward lost his voice. From that point on, he is mute, although Kiros has a habit of speaking for him, and Ward doesn't seem to object.

Ward goes on to become one of Esthar's presidential advisors. His card can be found in Esthar.

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