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Whyt's default appearence
Summoner Rydia
MP Cost 50

Whyt is an Eidolon used exclusively by Rydia in Final Fantasy IV. Whyt can be summoned to fight for Rydia, during these fights he will use commands pre-selected by the player for five turns. Whyt is the most flexible of all Final Fantasy summons: His name, face, and dress can be chosen by the player through the Fat Chocobo. His face can be drawn by the character using the DS's touchscreen and stylus, and his clothing can be changed after the styles have been unlocked in-game. Whyt's stats can be upgraded through a series of minigames that are unlocked as characters join the party.

Whyt, along with his parents, make up the Eidolon race known as Whytkin. Whytkin are the building blocks of Eidolons, for each is born as a Whytkin first, and then they develop into a different type of Eidolon. Whyt's parents remained Whytkin so the Eidolon race could continue, but after the birth of Whyt she entered a comatose state.

[edit] Minigames

[edit] Outfits

  • Dragoon: Receive the max score in Kain's Minigame.
  • Goblin: Clear the main story twice.
  • Ninja: Receive the max score in Edge's Minigame.
  • Paladin: Receive the max score in Cecil's Minigame.
  • Summoner: Receive the max score in Rydia's Minigame.
  • White Mage: Receive the max score in Rosa's Minigame.
  • Zeromus: Complete the Bestiary

[edit] Gallery

Whyt as a Dragoon
Whyt as a Goblin
Whyt as a Ninja
Whyt as a Paladin
Whyt as a Summoner
Whyt as a White Mage
Whyt as Zeromus

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