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[edit] Final Fantasy I

  1. Castle and town of Corneria
  2. Temple of the Fiends
  3. North Bridge
  4. Matoya's cave
  5. Pravoka
  6. Elfland and castle of Elf
  7. Dwarf cave
  8. Northwest castle (Astos'castle)
  9. Marsh cave
  10. Melmond
  11. Titan's tunnel
  12. Earth cave
  13. Sarda's cave
  14. Crescent Lake
  15. Gurgu volcano
  16. Ice cave
  17. Ryukahn desert
  18. Cardia Islands
  19. Castle of Ordeal
  20. Onrac
  21. Gaia
  22. Lefein
  23. Sea Shrine
  24. Waterfall
  25. Mirage tower

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