Yang Fang Leiden

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Yang Fang Leiden
Gender Male
Birthplace Fabul
Job Monk
Special Abilities Focus, Brace, Kick

Yang Fang Leiden is a playable character in the game Final Fantasy IV. He is a Monk from the kingdom of Fabul, and he is one of the highest ranked and most respected of the monks. Despite this, though, he is an honorable man, and does not bask in his glory. He is well disciplined and respectful, with a lovely wife.

[edit] Final Fantasy IV

"Grandmaster of the monks of Fabul. Yang's body and mind alike and have been tempered and honed through years of intense training." (Game Description)

Yang is first seen on Mt. Hobs where he is battling several of Golbez's monsters. He is the last survivor, as most of his men had died. However, Cecil Harvey, Rydia, Edward Chris von Muir, and Rosa Farrell offer their help in defeating the most powerful of these monsters: the Mombomb. They eventually succeed, and Cecil warns Yang that this attack may have been a diversion so that Golbez, using Baron's Red Wings, may attack a defenseless Fabul in order to steal the Crystal of Air. While Yang initially does not trust Cecil because he is a Dark Knight, the others vouch for him, and Yang accepts Cecil's help in going back to Fabul.

[edit] Special Abilites

  • Focus: Double the damage caused by Yang's next attack.
  • Brace: Greatly reduce the damage taken from all attacks.
  • Kick: Perform a flying kick that strikes all enemies.

[edit] Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

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