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Age Unknown (Early 20s)
Gender Male
Weapon Gun

Yazoo is one of the main antagonists of the film Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. He, along with Kadaj and Loz, makes up the trio of the Remnants of Sephiroth. Throughout the film, like the others, he refers to Jenova as "mother".

Yazoo first appears in the film overlooking Midgar with Kadaj and Loz waiting for Cloud Strife. When Cloud arrives, he and Loz engage him in battle. During the fight, Yazoo manages to draw blood when he shoots Cloud in the face, knocking off his goggles. Even though they overcome him, they fall back and leave after Kadaj removes the Shadow Creepers.

Yazoo then heads for Edge where he gathers the Geostigma-infected children to take them to the Forgotten Capital. There, Yazoo bears witness as Kadaj manipulates the children into drinking the tainted water. When Cloud arrives to rescue the children, Yazoo joins in the fight using his weapon, Velvet Nightmare. After Cloud is rescued, Loz and Yazoo head to the center of Edge to destroy the monument in search of Jenova. They are stopped, however, by Reno and Rude who engage them in battle. Loz and Yazoo defeat them and escape on their motorcycles after Kadaj comes into possession of Jenova's cells. Cloud pursues them into a tunnel and clashes with Loz and Yazoo. At the end of the tunnel, Reno and Rude await the Remnants with dynamite. Although the outcome of the explosion is not seen, Loz and Yazoo both live to locate Cloud atop a building in Midgar. They attack him with materia and are killed in the resulting explosion.

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