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Yevon's symbol

Yevon is the major religion of Final Fantasy X based out of Bevelle. This fictional religion pulls many concepts from real-life religons such as Catholicism. The inner workings of Yevon are largely corrupt and there are secrets that the followers are forbidden from knowing.


[edit] Background

Yevon was founded by the people of Spira (predominantly the monks of Bevelle) after Yunalesca brought the first Calm to Spira. The name Yevon comes from Yu Yevon, the controller of Sin and father of Lady Yunalesca. It was created in honor of her and as a way to calm Sin's wrath.

[edit] Teachings

[edit] Sin and Machina

The Yevon faith teaches that Sin a divine punishment brought onto Spira because of the overuse of machina, and thus forbade the use of machina in order to atone for past sins. Machina is still used in Spira, such as the blitzball stadium and the lifts used to place riders onto the Shoopuf, but under the supervision of Yevon. Two exceptions to this doctrine are the use of gun machina by the warrior monks, and the use of many types of machina by the Al Bhed, causing their ostracism. Any who are discovered using machina are excommunicated, like the Crusaders.

[edit] The Prayer

The prayer involves bowing and placing ones hands into a circle shape. It evolved from the blitzball sign for victory. It is used as a respectful greeting towards Yevon clergy members even after the start of the Eternal Calm. There is another greeting used by summoners only that involves putting their fingers into a triangle shape; Yuna greeted Isaaru for the first time in this fashion.

[edit] The Hymn of the Fayth

The hymn is Yevon's gift used to soothe the hearts of the faithful. In reality, it was a song used in defiance of Yevon by the people of Zanarkand. After the Machina War ended, people such as the Al Bhed sang the song in this fashion. In order to stop them, the clergy co-opted the song for their own uses after a failed attempt at banning it. The lyrics translate to "Pray to Yu Yevon. Dream, fayth. Forever and ever, grant us prosperity."

[edit] Summoners

Yevon also teaches that the only weapons in the fight against Sin are the Summoners, and the Final Summoning. Summoners travel on a pilgrimage to Zanarkand, stopping at the five major temples of Spira (Besaid, Macalania, Kilika, Djose, and Bevelle). There are two other temples in Spira that are unknown (Baaj and Remiem). After the summoner completes their journey, they are greeted by Yunalesca in Zanarkand to receive the Final Aeon. Summoners typically fight Sin on the Calm Lands in order to keep Sin away from the common folk (hence the plain's name).

Each summoner is required to have one Guardian to be offered to Yunalesca (there are exceptions to the rule; summoners like Braska have had multiple guardians) as the fayth of Final Aeon, since both the summoner and the guardian will die and keep the truth from the Yevonites.

Summoners are also charged with the task of performing the Sending, in order to keep the souls of the dead from preying on the living. The unsent either become fiends that prey on the living, or continue to roam Spira in their human forms. Unsent who keep their form usually died without fulfilling an important duty (Belgemine), died an unclean death (Jyscal Guado), or refused to be sent (Yo Mika).

[edit] High Summoners

High summoners complete their pilgrimages by defeating Sin and bringing forth the Calm. Though not a summoner, Seymour is able to summon the aeon Anima.

  • Yunalesca
    • Yunalesca was the first to defeat Sin, and used her husband Zaon as her fayth. She remained an unsent in order to give the fayth of the Final Summoning to summoners that completed their task.
  • Lord Gandof
    • Lord Gandof defeated Sin on the Calm Lands. According to lore, Sin tore the earth with its last bit of strength, and dove into the deep crevasse known as the Scar. Gandof leaped after the beast, then cornered and killed him in the deep fault, ending his own life.
  • Lord Oholland
    • Lord Oholland was a great blitzball player born and raised in the Kilika Temple. Blitzball players travel to Kilika before the season starts in order to pray to his statue in the temple he trained in.
  • Lady Yocun
    • Lady Yocun was a Crusader that trained in the Calm Lands gorge outside of the Cavern of the Stolen Fayth, a spot sacred to the Crusaders in her honor. She is seen in Zanarkand as a projection of the pyreflies, choosing her guardian to be her Fayth.
  • Lord Braska
    • Lord Braska was a mockery to the people of Yevon during his pilgrimage because of his party's odd background: Braska married an Al Bhed, Auron refused the hand of a high priest's daughter, and Jecht was a drunkard claiming to be from Zanarkand. He defeated Sin much to everyone's surprise, using Jecht as his fayth. He and Yuna are the only related high summoners (he's her father).
  • Lady Yuna
    • Yuna is the sole high summoner to survive her pilgrimage, and the youngest. She refused to use the Final Summoning, and destroyed Sin from the inside, bringing the Eternal Calm to Spira.

[edit] Failed Summoners

Many summoners give up their pilgrimages on the Calm Lands, or are killed and are unsent.

  • Lady Belgemine
    • Belgemine died before her journey ended. She remained as an unsent to train summoners, particulary Yuna. Yuna sends her after her training with Belgemine is complete.
  • Lady Ginnem
    • Lady Ginnem was killed in the Cavern of the Stolen Fayth because of Lulu's inexperience as a Guardian. She is sent by Yuna after being defeated in a battle of aeons.
  • Father Zuke
    • Father Zuke was guarded by Lulu and Wakka six months before Yuna's journey. He gave up at the Calm Lands and became a monk at Bevelle.
  • Isaaru
    • Isaaru's pilgrimage ended in the Via Purifico after he was bested by Yuna in a battle of aeons at the temple's behest. His guardians were his brothers, Maroda and Pacce.
  • Dona
    • Dona gave up her pilgrimage on Cid's airship after speaking with Tidus. Her guardian was Barthello with whom she maintains a close relationship.

[edit] Heirarchy

There are many positions in the Yevon heirarchy.

[edit] Grand Maester

The grand maester is the leader of all the people of Spira, and the high priest of Yevon. Since the majority of the population of Spira is human, a human fufills the position traditionally. Yo Mika is the only grand maester shown.

[edit] Maesters

Maesters run Yevon beneath the grand maester. One maester represents each race (except for the Hypello and the Al Bhed). Past maesters include Seymour Guado, Wen Kinoc, Jyscal Guado, and Kelk Ronso.

[edit] Priests

Male and female priests run the temples of Spira and command the lower acolytes as well as the education of the children who join the clergy.

[edit] Acolytes

Acolytes perform the grunt work of the temple. Shelinda is the only prominent acolyte.

[edit] The Military

[edit] Crusaders

Crusaders were founded by Lord Mi'ihen as the Crimson Blades. They mainly steer Sin away from the people of Spira, especially Luca (the stadium is there). Other parts include the Crimson Squad and the Chocobo Knights.

[edit] Warrior Monks

Warrior monks protect the Yevon clergy using gun machinas. Wen Kinoc was their leader, and a former warrior himself.

[edit] Guardians

Guardians are the sole protectors of the summoners. It is a sacred rite, and a huge honor.

[edit] New Yevon

Main Article: New Yevon

After the defeat of Sin and the advent of the Eternal Calm, Yevon disbanded. New Yevon was founded as a means to guide Spira's people into the new world.

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