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FFX Yuna.jpg
Yuna from FFX
Age 17 (in FFX)
Gender Female
Race Human/Al Bhed
Height 5'3"
Birthplace Bevelle
Weapons Staves (FFX)

Yuna is one of the main playable protagonists of the Final Fantasy X series. She is the daughter of High Summoner Braska, the one who brought the Calm ten years ago by sacrificing his life and defeating Sin. Yuna's mother was the sister of Cid, making her the cousin of Rikku and Brother. One of Yuna's unique characteristics is her heterochromia, having two different colored eyes; her left eye is blue while her right eye is green. This is a result of her half Al Bhed heritage.


[edit] Character Design

Yuna's name means "moon" in Okinawan, to oppose Tidus, whose name means "sun". This is also represented in their respective Moon and Sun Sigils used to power their Celestial Weapons. Tetsuya Nomura also explains that her dress and necklace bear images of the hibiscus flower also named "yuna".

[edit] Final Fantasy X

I have become a summoner!

Yuna is introduced in the temple of Besaid, where she walks out of the Chamber of the Fayth, having just become a summoner. She displays her new abilities to the village by summoning the aeon Valefor. Later that evening, she meets the stranger Tidus, who joins the summoner and her guardians, Wakka, Lulu, and Kimahri, in her journey to capture all the aeons, receive the Final Aeon, and defeat Sin.

During the trip, Tidus learns that Yuna's father, like his own, is famous. Wakka explains that Yuna's father was High Summoner Braska, who defeated Sin ten years ago. In a conversation with Yuna, she tells Tidus that she was born and raised in Bevelle for seven years before her father decided to become a summoner and defeat Sin. He left with Auron and Jecht, eventually achieving his goal and sacrificing his life. Tidus instantly recognizes the name Jecht as his father's, describing that his father disappeared ten years prior. Yuna believes that his father is the same Jecht that guarded her father on his journey. She also becomes one of the only people that truly believe that Tidus is from Zanarkand.

Sin arrives, destroying Kilika and fortifying Yuna's resolve to defeat it.
The Sending
Upon arriving in the village, Yuna performs her first Sending, guiding the dead to the Farplane. At the temple, Yuna meets a rival summoner, Dona, who chides her for having so many guardians. After praying to the fayth in the temple, she receives her second aeon, Ifrit. The party then heads to Luca to watch the Aurochs in the blitzball tournament.

While in Luca, the party joins the crowd in greeting the new maester, Seymour Guado, and the grand maester, Mika. To Tidus' dismay, Seymour spots Yuna in the crowd, creating a connection with her. Later, Yuna hears rumors that Auron was spotted in a cafe. She, along with Tidus and Kimahri, search for him. While Kimahri and Tidus are distracted by Biran and Yenke, however, Yuna is kidnapped by the Al Bhed and taken aboard their ship. Tidus, Kimahri, and Lulu fight through waves of machina and the boss Oblitzerator to rescue her. Here, Tidus learns of Yuna's half Al Bhed heritage, promising to keep it a secret from Wakka, who has a strong prejudice against the race for their defiance of Yevon. When the stadium is attacked by fiends after the championship match, Seymour calls his own aeon, Anima, impressing Yuna with its power. Auron joins the party, explaining that he must fulfill a promise to Braska to protect her. Tidus also rejoins, but now as a full-fledged guardian, confirming that his father was Braska's guardian ten years ago.

Upon reaching Mushroom Rock Road, the party is halted by the Crusaders and the Al Bhed, who explain they are preparing Operation Mi'ihen, a plan to destroy Sin. Seymour arrives to grant them access and they watch in horror as Sin kills most of the people on the shore. After sending the dead, the party continues to Djose Temple where Yuna meets Isaaru, a fellow summoner who offers a friendly challenge to see who can defeat Sin.

While crossing the Moonflow, Yuna is kidnapped by the Al Bhed yet again. She is taken under the water, forcing Tidus and Wakka to rescue her alone. After crossing the river and reaching the other side, Tidus realizes that it was Rikku behind the kidnapping. After a quick chat with Yuna and Lulu, Rikku becomes Yuna’s final guardian.

When the party arrives in Guadosalam, they are summoned by Seymour who shows them a projection of Zanarkand, as it was 1000 years ago. Seymour then proceeds to propose to Yuna, but gives her time to consider it. The party crosses the Thunder Plains, where Yuna announces that she plans to marry Seymour, but still continue her journey. Tidus, clearly upset, is forced into silence when the rest of the party quietly accepts her decision.

The party continues on through Macalania and part ways at the lake. Yuna accompanies Tromell to Macalania Temple to meet with Seymour. When the party arrives, they learn that Seymour killed his father, Jyscal. The party confronts Seymour outside the Chamber of the Fayth, where Yuna is receiving her fourth aeon, Shiva. When Yuna emerges, she stands with her guardians, and they fight and defeat Seymour. They are branded traitors of Yevon for murdering the maester, and are forced to flee. They fall to the bottom of the frozen lake, and are swept away by Sin.

The party regroups on Bikanel Island, and learn from Rikku that Yuna is at the Al Bhed headquarters, Home. They travel their to find the base under attack by the Guado. Upon finding the Summoner’s Sanctum, Yuna has been taken by the Guado. Tidus learns the true meaning of being a summoner, realizing that Yuna plans to sacrifice her life in order to defeat Sin and bring about the Calm. The party escapes Home on Cid's airship, and resolve to seek out and rescue Yuna.

Yuna & Seymour's Wedding
They find her in Bevelle wearing a wedding dress, walking to meet the unsent Seymour. The party crashes the wedding but are stopped at the altar by Yevon guards. While distracted, Yuna attempts to send Seymour, revealing her true intentions. However, Mika threatens to kill her guardians should she continue. Yuna is forced to continue with the marriage, but Seymour sentences her friends to death anyway. She stands on the edge of the building, threatening suicide if he doesn't release the party. Yuna jumps, and while distracted, the party escapes. She flees to Bevelle Temple and receives the aeon Bahamut. Yuna is reunited with the party only to be captured by the guards and sent to trial. She and the party are sentenced to the Via Purifico as traitors, but escape and flee to Macalania. At the spring, Yuna stands in the water, upset by the events and the betrayal of Yevon. Tidus joins her, apologizing for talking about all the things they would do once they defeated Sin. Yuna assures him that instead of making her sad, his words actually encouraged her. He explains that she can quit her pilgrimage any time she wants, and he and the rest of the party would support her. Tidus even promises to take her to his Zanarkand.
Yuna & Tidus kiss
She considers the offer, but explains in tears that she can not abandon her duty to save Spira. Tidus comforts her by putting his hands on her shoulders, embracing her and engaging her in a kiss. There share an escapade in the spring to Suteki Da Ne in one of the more famous scenes of the game. Afterwards, Yuna blushingly requests that he stay with her until the end, and Tidus promises to always be by her side. They return to camp hand-in-hand where Yuna announces her decision to continue the journey.

The party crosses the Calm Lands and climbs Mt. Gagazet where they encounter Seymour yet again. After defeating him, Tidus admits that Sin is his father. At the fayth scar, Tidus learns he is a dream and finds Yuna's will sphere. Yuna records her deepest thanks to Lulu and Wakka for acting like her older siblings. She thanks Kimahri for taking her to Besaid, and staying with her after she begged him to. Yuna also begins to thank Tidus, but can’t quite find the right words.

The party treks to Zanarkand where they stand before Yunalesca seeking the Final Aeon. After learning that she must sacrifice one of her guardians, Yuna and the others cast aside false hope. They are forced into battle with Yunalesca and defeat her, permanently ending the only means to acquire the Final Aeon.

The party uses the airship and the Hymn of the Fayth to enter inside Sin to defeat it. There they encounter Jecht and Seymour, defeating them both, eventually coming to Yu Yevon. Yuna summons each aeon, who become possessed by Yu Yevon, and defeat them. They defeat Yu Yevon and Sin, bringing about the Eternal Calm.

Tidus and Yuna embrace

As a result, Tidus begins to disappear to Yuna's dismay. Refusing to let him go, Yuna runs to him, but passes right through him. After collecting herself, she tells Tidus that she loves him. After a delicate embrace, Tidus jumps off the ship joining Auron, Braska, and Jecht.

Yuna returns to Luca and addresses Spira, ensuring them that Sin is gone and they can begin to rebuild their lives. She also requests that they not forget the people they have lost or the dreams that have faded.

[edit] Final Fantasy X-2

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The high summoner who defeated Sin two years ago and brought the Eternal Calm. The discovery of a certain sphere led her to flee her island home and begin a personal journey. - Shinra's Dossier

Two years after the defeat of Sin, the quiet Yuna from Final Fantasy X is no more. She has grown a lot over the past two years, and has joined the Gullwings, a sphere-hunting group. A sphere that Kimahri found on Gagazet showed a young man resembling Tidus, prompting her to join the Gullwings, hoping to find her lost love.

In the opening of the game, a Yuna look-alike puts on a concert in Luca. However, Rikku and Paine crash the concert and attack the performer. On the docks, the real Yuna appears in full gunner garb to join the fight. The fake returns the Garment Grid, revealing herself to be Leblanc, leader of a rival sphere hunting group.

Along the journey, Yuna eventually returns to Zanarkand to find it turned into a tourist attraction by Cid. She expresses her concerns to Cid, who leaves Zanarkand and heads to the Thunder Plains to sulk.

Upon hearing about an "awesome sphere" in Kilika, the party travels there to claim it. Caught between the New Yevon-Youth League struggle, the Gullwings steal the sphere and escape on the Celsius. They view the sphere which depicts the young man approaching a giant machina and talking about a woman named Lenne. Realizing the serious nature of the sphere, the Gullwings decide to relinquish it.
Yuna's dream
Yuna is distraught however that the young man mentions Lenne, and dreams of Tidus and herself running from Yevon guards. They are shot down in front of the machina weapon as she awakes still wearing her songstress outfit.

Upon returning the sphere to either party (the player chooses), the Gullwings learn that the machina is a weapon called Vegnagun. For a while, the Gullwings forget about Vegnagun and continue their journey as sphere-hunters. However, events lead them to Bevelle accompanied by Leblanc, Logos, and Ormi only to find that Vegnagun is missing and a giant hole where the fayth once was. Bahamut appears, but is no longer friendly, and the girls are forced to engage it in battle. Upon returning to the Celsius, the girls learn that fiends are pouring out of all the temples. They put aside sphere hunting to help the denizens of Spira, but are forced to fight Yuna’s former aeons in each of the temples.

At Djose, Yuna falls into the hole and lands in the Farplane. Here, she encounters the young man, Shuyin, not Tidus. He embraces her and calls her Lenne, but is interrupted by Nooj and Gippal. Shuyin escapes deeper into the Farplane followed by the two men. Yuna is left alone in the abyss, but hears a faint whistle. Following it, she is led out of the Farplane by the silhouette of Tidus.

Yuna & Lenne sing 1000 Words

To appease the conflicting New Yevon and Youth League citizens, Yuna agrees to put on a concert in the Thunder Plains. Here, she sings 1000 Words while the songstress dressphere crosses waves with the sphere-screen. What is shown is the tragic events of 1000 years past. Lenne and Shuyin were shot down in front of Vegnagun after Lenne stopped him from using the weapon to save her. Yuna's emotions overwhelm her by the end of the song, but she realizes that she can use Lenne's feelings and unspoken words to convince Shuyin to rest.

The party heads into the Farplane to stop Shuyin. With the help of Nooj, Gippal, and the Leblanc Syndicate, they fight and defeat Vegnagun. Shuyin approaches Yuna, but realizes that she is not Lenne, and he attacks. They defeat him, and Lenne appears to take him to the Farplane to rest.

Yuna & Tidus reunite

Returning to the surface world, Yuna is greeted by the Bahamut Fayth, who asks her is she wants to see him. Saying yes, the party heads to Besaid where the fayth restore Tidus. He and Yuna are reunited in the waters and run to shore. When Yuna outruns him, he notes that she has really changed and that he wants to hear everything. Yuna begins her tale, "It all began when I saw this sphere of you…".

[edit] Blitzball

Yuna starts for the Gullwings. She begins with 99 games for your team before having to be paid.

  • Contract Duration: 10
  • CP: 3
  • Super Shot: none

Stat Start Max Max Bio
END 3 41 7
ATK 3 28 4
PAS 4 84 9
SHT 2 42 8
BLK 2 73 5
CAT 1 65 4
RNG 39 119 8
REC 45 154 9
SPD 30 - -
RCH 50 - -

[edit] Other Appearances

[edit] Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy

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Yuna Dis012.png

Yuna will appear as a playable character in the prequel to Dissidia as a representative of Final Fantasy X.

[edit] Theatrhythm Final Fantasy

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Yuna TRFF.png

Yuna is a representative of Final Fantasy X along with Tidus.

[edit] Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call

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Yuna TRFF CC.png

Yuna returns in the sequel but represents Final Fantasy X-2 in her gunner outfit.

[edit] Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade

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Yuna appears as a Legendary character.

[edit] Final Fantasy All the Bravest

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Yuna ATB.png

Yuna appears as one of the random purchasable Premium characters in the shop.

[edit] Final Fantasy Record Keeper

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FFRK Yuna.png
Daughter of High Summoner Braska, the man who defeated Sin ten years before her pilgrimage began. She bears the burden of her father's legacy and the daunting task before her with charm and grace. - official description

Yuna is a playable character representing Final Fantasy X. She can be acquired by the Highbridge challenge event dungeon for the first time.

[edit] Memory Crystal

Yuna's Memory Crystal can be acquired by completing the Tower of Light - Top (Elite) challenge event dungeon for the first time.

[edit] Record Materia

Yuna has one Record Materia. Light of the Fayth is awarded for breaking Yuna's level cap, and it allows her to restore slightly more HP with white magic.

[edit] Abilities

Grand Summon I.png

Yuna uses Grand Summon I as her default Soul Break. By equipping her with the Magistral Rod (X), she can also use The Sending Soul Break.

Yuna can use any White Magic and Summoning Magic spells up to Rank 5. She can also use Support abilities up to Rank 3.

[edit] Equipment

Yuna can equip the following weapons:

Yuna can equip the following armor:

[edit] Stats

Level HP Atk Def Mag Res Mind Acc Eva Spd
1 180 6 6 11 10 11 20 20 92
50 3015 51 59 116 104 116 22 22 118
65 3883 67 75 143 128 143 23 23 127

[edit] Kingdom Hearts II


Y.R.P appear in Hollow Bastion as agents of Maleficent. During the Heartless' attack, the Gullwings help the Restoration Commitee fight and even give Sora a Keyblade representing the three girls (an angel's wing at the top for Yuna, bows as the main body for Rikku, and Paine's cross).

[edit] Quotes

"I've done it! I have become a summoner!" (FFX)
"I fight for Spira. The people long for the Calm. I can give it to them. It's all I can give. Defeating Sin, ending pain...this I can do." (FFX)
"Maester Seymour. I trust my guardians with my life. But they are also my friends. I will not stand by and watch them be hurt. I will fight you, too!" (FFX)
"One more thing. The people and the friends that we have lost... or the dreams that have faded... never forget them." (FFX)
"I don't like your plan. It sucks." (FFX-2)
"So much has happened! And I'm sure it's only the beginning. Through the smiles, tears...through the anger, and the laughter that follows. I know that I will keep changing. This is my story. It will be a good one. It all began when I saw this sphere of you." (FFX-2)
"Prepare for a phantasmagoric panopoly of magical power! Your abilities will be mine!" (FFX-2)
"Oh, poopie!" (FFX-2)
"Oh foofie!" (KH2)

[edit] Gallery

Yuna by Nomura (FFX)
Yuna Artwork.jpg
Yuna by Nomura (FFX-2)
Yuna by Amano.png
Yuna's Concept Art by Amano
Yuna Dis012 Art.png
Artwork of Yuna for Dissidia 012
Yuna Ex Mode.png
Yuna's Ex Mode for Dissidia 012
Yuna Alt1.png
Yuna's Amano form in Dissidia 012
Yuna Wedding Alt.png
Yuna's Wedding Dress form in Dissidia 012
Yuna Gunner Alt.jpg
Yuna's Gunner form in Dissidia 012
Yuna Dis012 CG.png
CG render of Yuna for Dissidia 012

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