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Zell Dincht
Job SeeD Student/Member
Age 17
Weapon Gloves
Height 5'5"

Zell Dincht is one of the main playable characters of Final Fantasy VIII. Zell is a fellow classmate of Squall Leonhart and Seifer Almasy who took part in the exams to become a SeeD. He is a martial artist, so he uses gloves and fists as his weapons. Zell is constantly bullied by Seifer (who calls him "chicken-wuss") and angered by Squall's quiet nature, though, it adds some comic relief to the game.

Zell was put in an orphanage like the other main characters and was adopted by the Dincht family. He was raised in Balamb during his time with the family before going off to the Garden. Zell has a lot of confidence, but it leads him to making impulsive decisions. In one instance, Zell blurted out Balamb Garden's name during a world broadcast, cementing the fact the Garden was involved with earlier events, putting it in great danger. He was always determined to make up for his mistakes though, showing just how loyal he was to his friends and teammates.

Zell's Limit Break, Duel consists of pressing a combination of buttons in a certain order to execute various martial arts. If performed correctly, in specific order, the individual attacks can be chained up to perform a finisher that completely devestates the enemy. Duel is also timed, so there is a limit on how many skills can be used during the Limit Break. It also must be noted that once a finisher is initiated, the Limit Break ends, as that becomes the final move.

Usually found in the Cafeteria, Zell is often being advised that he's missed out on his favourite food; the hot dog. Despite not being an avid reader, Zell has also on occassion been spotted in the Library as it would appear that he has an interest in the pig-tailed librarian. Zell also has a distinctive tattoo on the left side of his face, inked in black.

[edit] Quotes

"This is my house. But don't make yourselves too comfortable!"
"Why don't you try to show a little more passion...? You know, like me!"

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