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"Blitzball" redirects here. For information regarding the mini-game as it is played in Final Fantasy X-2, see Blitzball (FFX-2).
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Tidus plays blitzball in the opening FMV.

Blitzball is a mini-game from Final Fantasy X, hailed as one of the best of the franchise. It also appears in Final Fantasy X-2 Blitzball is the only sport and the main source of entertainment around Spira. It is a game that has been around for over a thousand years, regardless of the rise and fall of Sin.

A Blitzball match takes place in a huge dome filled with water. There are two teams of six, two goals and one blitzball. There are no rules, but everything is based in numbers. As with fighting, your players stats will only go up by taking part in matches. Experience Points are earned for most if not every move that your character will do during the match.

The aim in Blitzball like in all major sports is to score more goals than the opposition, the time limit is 10 minutes, with each half being 5 minutes long, and any changes can only occur during the half-time.


[edit] Blitzball Basics Tutorial:

Moving: There's five players per team in the Sphere Pool. Your team is the green arrows and the opposing team is the red arrows on the minimap (bottom right corner).

There are three moving modes:

  • Auto: the players move automatically
  • Manual A: You control the player, the direction of the movement corresponds to the minimap.
  • Manual B: You control the player, the direction of the movement corresponds to the sphere pool.

The manual controls are:

Analogue Stick - Move player about
X - Make a selection
O - Cancel a selection
[] - Bring up the offence menu
Tri - Bring up the defence menu

Action Commands: the square button opens the command window. There's three commands: Pass, shoot and dribble. Dribble simply makes the character resume movement.

Pass: Use this command to pass between your players, but beware of the stat PA (pass) if it falls to 0 when the ball is still on the way between the characters, the one who's supposed to catch the ball "fumbles" it and the player closest to that player gets the ball.

Shoot: Use this command to score. If you shoot with a shot of 20 and the goalie has a catch of 10 you will probably score a goal, but beware of the fact that the longer you are from the opposing teams goal the more your shoot falls on the way. If it sinks too low (10 or below in this case) the goalie has a higher chance to catch it and probably will catch it too.

Calculations: If you pass/shoot and haven't broke trough a player theese will step in action:

  • If your pass is 10 and 'Bicksons' block is 5: 10-5= 5 so your pass will continue forward but markably lower, same goes for shoot.

Note: the calculations are random so 10-5 = 5 may not always be correct it can be 10-5 = 3 or 10-5 = 8 for example. The stats randomization is bcs Pass Shoot and Block can vary for 50-150 percent of the players stat.

Using HP: everything you will do in Blitzball costs HP. Also HP will be drained when you have the ball and move around. when you pass HP will be drained equally to your pass stat and drained even more if you use a technique, same goes for shoot. Dribble is free of charge though.

Encounters: an encounter occurs when opposing players com in contact with the ball carrier. If you are the ball carrier the command window will open and you will have to choose one of the options: No Break Break through "Bickson" (example)

Select No break for the options: Pass Shoot

But here you have to look at how high the opposing player(s) stats are, mainly BL (block). If "Bicksons" block is 10 and your pass is 5 he will most likely catch your pass/shot and get the ball.

If you select break through Bickson, Bickson will tackle you. Here you gotta look at you EN (endurance) and Bicksons AT (attack) if your EN is 10 and Bicksons AT is 20 he will take the ball from you, if his AT is lower than your EN then you will still remain with the ball, and the options: Pass Shoot Dribble

now if you pass/shoot you don't have to worry about anything because no one is in your way blocking.

Tech Copy: This is a way of learning techniques from opposing players. First you need to 'mark' the player who has the technique you wish to learn. You can do this either pre-game or during half-time. To learn the technique from the player you need to successfully press 'X' at the correct time when they use the technique(the words 'Tech Copy' appear in the top left hand corner). If you press it at the correct time, you will learn the technique. If you do not learn the technique this is either because you did not press 'X' at the correct time, or you are not a higher enough level to learn the technique. Some techniques are harder to learn than others, some of these are:

  • Sphere Shot
  • Volley Shot
  • Invisible Shot
  • Anti-Drain
  • and Drain tackles

To get a better chance of learning the technique it is recommended you are a higher level than the player you are tech copying from.

[edit] Techniques

Main Article: Blitzball (FFX)/Techniques

Techniques are an important part of blitzball. The more techniques at a player's disposal, the better the team's offense and defense will be.

[edit] Stats

Every character has a particular stats which they can raise by levelling up, there are 8 different stats:
    HP - Health, this reduces as you have the blitzball in your possession and as you use techs
    SP - Speed, this determines how fast the character can move. This cannot be changed.
    EN - Endurance, How much consecutive damage the character can withstand
    AT - Attack, how much damage the player can cause (the actual damage can be anywhere around 50% to 150%)
    PA - Pass, the distance the player can throw the ball, it is reduced as the opponent blocks the pass and over distance
    BL - Block, the amount that a player can block a pass or shot by
    SH - Shot, the power and distance that players can shoot the ball with, it is reduced as the opponent blocks the shot and over distance
    CA - Catch, the power which the player can catch a shot with

[edit] Teams & Players

In total there are around 60 recruitable players found all around spira. To recruit a player you must go up to them and press []. If they arn't part of a team already, you will be given the option to recruit them. As you win more games, your rating will go up and you will be able to see more information and stats prior to signing the player.

The teams featured in FFX are:

Free Agents: There are also many free agents up for hire. They can be found in various locations around Spira. The players are:

[edit] Winning the Championship Match

To get you started heres tips for the first blitzball match of the game, which is verses the Luca Goers:
-For the whole of the first half do not aim to score, but just keep passing between each of your players. This will get your experiance up for the next half
-When the second half begins equip Tidus with the Jecht Shot if available, if not then the Sphere shot will do
-Equip the other characters with as many techs as possible
-Try to score one goal before the 3 minutes mark when Wakka comes in, after scoring just try to keep passing between your characters so your players gain experiance and so the Luca Goers can't score.
-As soon as Wakka comes in, try and score another goal and return to passing between your players

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