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Bard is one of the playable core classes in Final Fantasy Record Keeper. He can be acquired by completing the Final Fantasy VI dungeon South Figaro Cave (Classic) for the first time.

A performer capable of bolstering allies with song. The enhancing effects of the bard's music on the party more than make up for his weakness in individual combat. - official description


[edit] Memory Crystal

Bard's Memory Crystal can be acquired by completing the Final Fantasy VIII dungeon Missile Base (Elite) at mastery level.

[edit] Record Materia

Bard has two Record Materia. Zealot has a random chance of dropping as long as Bard is in the party, and allows his attack to hit all targets but damage is reduced. Concert Musician is awarded for breaking the character's level cap, and allows Bard to deal slightly more damage when using instruments.

[edit] Abilities

Valor Minuet.png

Bard uses Valor Minuet I as his default Soul Break. However by equipping the Madhura Harp (III), he can also use the Valor Minuet II Soul Break.

Bard can use any Support ability up to Rank 4.

[edit] Equipment

Bard can equip any of the following weapons:

Bard can equip any of the following armor:

[edit] Stats

Level HP Atk Def Mag Res Mind Acc Eva Spd
1 96 5 5 7 8 7 20 20 69
50 2048 46 50 74 82 74 22 22 91
65 2645 60 63 92 101 92 23 23 99

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