Camp of the Convictors

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(Lv. 51) Camp of the Convictors
Issuing NPC Alphinaud
Location Coerthas Western Highlands - Twinpools - The Convictory (16-22)
Type MSQ.png Main Scenario
Level 51
Unlocks MSQ.png Purple Flame, Purple Flame
SQ.png A Faithful Companion
SQ.png Protecting What's Important
SQ.png Spring Into Action
SQ.png Winter is Coming
Requirements MSQ.png Sounding Out the Amphitheatre

Camp of the Convictors is a Main Scenario quest in the Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn expansion, Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward. It can be unlocked by completing the quest "Sounding Out the Amphitheatre" at level 51.

[edit] Information


default 50,400 default 438

Alphinaud is eager to gather information on the heretics.


  • Question the Convictors 0/3
  • Speak with Pierriquet.

[edit] Journal

Alphinaud asks that you aid him in questioning the Convictors. Make your way around the camp, and learn what you can of the heretic presence in the area.

To your frustration, none of the Convictors seem to know anything about Lady Iceheart or her followers. Try questioning the soldier Pierriquet.

After fruitlessly interrogating dragonslayers of all descriptions, the lowborn soldier, Pierriquet, finally provides you with a valuable piece of information. According to him, heretics in the western highlands are summoned with purple-hued signal smoke. Perhaps your quarry can be made to come to you...

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