Dairy Charm Farm

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Dairy Charm Farm
Medal No. 041
Previous Pillar Destroyer
Next Milk for Health
Location Eastern Wildlands

Dairy Charm Farm is a medal in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers.


[edit] Information

[edit] Hint

Clean water and succulent grass are all a cow needs.

[edit] Description

In the Eastern Wildlands, you fed the cows and obtained milk.

[edit] Requirements

Gold.jpg Gold Produce 30 or more liters
Silver.jpg Silver Produce 15-17 liters
Bronze.jpg Bronze Produce 3-12 liters

[edit] How to Obtain

At the Eastern Wildlands farm, pull the pump off the well and carry some bales of hay to the cows in the pen. Cows will then line up at the milking stand. When a cow climbs onto it, lock on to the cow and pull down. This will produce 3 liters of milk, earning the bronze medal. Repeat to produce more milk.

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