Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy

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Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy
Dissidia 012 NA Box art.jpg
Dissidia 012 NA Box Art
Alternative Title(s):
Developer(s): Square Enix
Publisher(s): Square Enix
Series: Final Fantasy
Native Resolution:
Platform: PSP
Release Date(s): *[JP] March 3, 2011
*[NA] March 22, 2011
*[EU] March 25, 2011
Genre(s): RPG, Action
Mode(s): Single Player
Rating(s): ESRB: T, CERO: C,
PEGI: 12+
Media: UMD Disc

Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy (read as Dissidia duodecim Final Fantasy) is an announced game for the PSP expected to release in 2011. It is a prequel to Dissidia: Final Fantasy.


[edit] Plot

The characters gather in the twelfth cycle of the war between Chaos and Cosmos.

[edit] Gameplay

Gameplay details have yet to be revealed, but some elements have been made available:

  • Save data from the original Dissidia will carry over into Dissidia 012.
  • There will be an Assist System in place where the character can summon an ally to aid in battle.
  • Each character will have three costumes: one normal and two alternate.
  • The locations of Dissidia will return, and new maps will include Orphan's Cradle from Final Fantasy XIII and the Sky Fortress Bahamut from Final Fantasy XII.
  • Instead of the tile board system, characters will travel on an open map.

[edit] Battle System

While no gameplay details have yet been revealed, screenshots suggest that the battle system will be similar to the original Dissidia.

[edit] Characters

Chaos and Cosmos will return as the orchestrators of the characters. New characters will appear in the prequel:

Game Character
Final Fantasy IV Kain Highwind
Final Fantasy V Gilgamesh
Final Fantasy VII Tifa Lockhart
Final Fantasy VIII Laguna Loire
Final Fantasy X Yuna
Final Fantasy XI Prishe
Final Fantasy XII Vaan
Final Fantasy XIII Lightning

All of the characters of the original Dissidia will return:

Game Character
Final Fantasy I Warrior of Light
Final Fantasy II Firion
Final Fantasy III Onion Knight
Cloud of Darkness
Final Fantasy IV Cecil Harvey
Final Fantasy V Bartz Klauser
Final Fantasy VI Terra Branford
Kefka Palazzo
Final Fantasy VII Cloud Strife
Final Fantasy VIII Squall Leonhart
Final Fantasy IX Zidane Tribal
Final Fantasy X Tidus
Final Fantasy XI Shantotto
Final Fantasy XII Gabranth

[edit] Additional Information

  • Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy was originally announced in September 2010 by Shonen Jump, a Japanese magazine.
  • A demo will be available for purchase prior to the game's release. Aerith Gainsborough of Final Fantasy VII will appear as an optional assist character in the demo. A code will be included in the demo for players to utilize Aerith as an assist character in their purchased copy of the game.

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