Eye of the Rock Rover

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Eye of the Rock Rover
Medal No. 152
Previous Parasite Heal
Next Citizen's Duty
Location Eye of the Rock

Eye of the Rock Rover is a medal in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers.


[edit] Information

[edit] Hint

Do you know the Eye of the Rock? You might find something there…

[edit] Description

You saw the ghost that haunts the Eye of the Rock.

[edit] Requirements

Gold.jpg Gold See the Eye of the Rock rover at least once
Silver.jpg Silver none
Bronze.jpg Bronze none

[edit] How to Obtain

After leaving Yuke Sky City, continuously steal the Mail Moogle's mail and you will eventually obtain a letter labeled "I Saw a Ghost! (part 1)". Head to the Eye of the Rock and stand in the spot indicated by the photo in the letter. Look at the sky over the yellowish rock wall to see the ghost.

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