Ezel Berbier

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Job Hermetic

Ezel Berbier is one of the secret unlockable characters in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance and its job hermetic is also unique in its power.

Marche Radiuju first encounters Ezel after the defeat of Famfrit. Ezel helped Marche to Judgemaster Cid's Advanced Law with an Anti-Law Card. It is from that point on that the item Law Cards are introduced in the story. The player can now obtain law cards as rewards from missions and trade them in Ezel's shop in Cadoan. He appears later in the game to assist Judgemaster Cid in making a strong Anti-Law to weaken the almost invincible Llednar.

He is often labeled by other Nu Mou as an "eccentric looney".

The character can be obtained through the mission "Reconnaissance" after reading the rumor.

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