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Final Fantasy Agito
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Alternative Title(s):
Developer(s): Square Enix
Publisher(s): Square Enix
Series: Final Fantasy
Native Resolution:
Platform: iOS, Android
Release Date(s): *[JP] - Q4 2013
Genre(s): Role Playing Game (RPG)
Mode(s): Single Player, Multiplayer
Rating(s): TBD
Media: Digital Download

Final Fantasy Agito is an upcoming game for mobile devices as part of the Fabula Nova Crystallis series. It takes place in the same world as the Japanese PSP game Final Fantasy Type-0. The game is set to be released in chapters, and is free to download.


[edit] Plot

The game takes place during a previous cycle of war. The player character is customizable, and player choices effect different outcomes.

[edit] Gameplay

The player character is completely customizable, including appearance and weapons. There will be a leveling system whereby the character will increase in rank by completing missions. The character will also be able to ride chocobos. In-game time will be in sync with real-world time. Early chapters are single player, but later chapters encourage players to team up together to fight powerful bosses.

[edit] Battle System

Combat will be turn-based. The game will use a job system, as seen in previous Final Fantasy games.

[edit] Characters

The playable cast of Type-0 will appear in the game along with the player character.

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