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Final Fantasy Tactics
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Alternative Title(s): FFT
Developer(s): Square
Publisher(s): Square Enix, Sony Computer Entertainment
Series: Final Fantasy
Native Resolution:
Platform: Playstation
Release Date(s): *[JP] June 20, 1997
*[NA] January 28, 1998
Genre(s): Tactical Role-Playing Game
Mode(s): Single Player
Rating(s): ESRB: T
Media: 1 CD-ROM

Final Fantasy Tactics (Fainaru Fantajī Takutikusu) is the first strategy-based game in the Final Fantasy series. Released in Japan in June 1997, and in the US in July 1998, Final Fantasy Tactics was a unique entry that stood as a monument in the series.

Players assume the role of Ramza Beoulve, building up a troop of up to 16 playable characters through leveling and customizing their classes and skills.

Final Fantasy Tactics takes place in Ivalice, during the time of "The Lion War", a conflict between two potential heirs to the throne after the unprecedented death of the king.


[edit] Plot

The story revolves around Ramza and his best friend, Delita Hyral, the documented hero that is said to have ended the Lion War. After a battle that separates the two, Ramza becomes a mercenary, abandoning his family and choosing instead to fight as a nameless soldier before finding a purpose in the mysteries of the war.

The Beoulves are a noble family fighting for Prince Larg's succession to the throne. Following the death of their father, Balbanes, hero of the recently concluded 50 Year War, the Beoulve brothers, and single sister, Alma, play unknowing pawns to a religious organization pulling strings throughout the war.

[edit] Gameplay

View of a field during battle
Final Fantasy Tactics is a uniquely distinguishable installment among Final Fantasy titles in that it is a strategy-based role playing game.

[edit] Battle System

Battles take place on three-dimensional isometric playing fields of various shapes and sizes, pitting the player's custom team, or teams (under special circumstances) against a horde of enemies organized across the board. Characters move from panel to panel, their ranges determined by Move and Jump levels, which can both be increased through equipment and abilities.

Actions are also limited to a range dependent on such aspects as the character's equipped weapon, skillset, and Jobs. Successful actions result in gained experience and Job Points (JP).

Turns are taken when a characters' Charge Time (CT) reaches 100, increasing in a number equal to their Speed statistic every CT unit, an ambiguously defined measure of time during battle.

Considering all these calculations, battles pan out with each unit moving through the field and committing actions until the battle criteria, normally, "Defeat All Enemies", are met.

Rather than randomly encountering battles in a free-range environment during travel, the player sets a course along a preset path, crossing various towns and battle points along the way. New locations are charted with a red point, towns and battle locations with blue and green, respectively. A previously visited town will yield such options as a "Bar", where one can take on sidequests for money or items, a "Shop", for the purchase and sales of items in your inventory, and a "Soldier Office", for recruiting new characters. "Fur Shops" are available later in select areas, allowing for the exchange of poached furs for items.

The player acts the part of Ramza, but controls a team of up to 16 units, including special and temporary characters that help to progress the story. Temporary characters are often set to act automatically, and may only be used in story battles.

Generic units are randomly outfitted with a name and Zodiac sign, which determines interactions with other Zodiac signs in a predefined fashion, altering the effectiveness of actions upon the targeted units.

[edit] The Job System

The Job Change screen
The Job system is nothing new to the world of Final Fantasy, and is integrated into Final Fantasy Tactics in an original way, incorporating a mix of classic and brand new jobs for a grand total of twenty that can be reached by most characters. Special classes are only available to characters integral to the story, each of which replace the Squire job. New recruits begin as either a Squire or Chemist, respectively the base jobs of warrior and magician classes that are opened up through the Job Levels. Job Points (JP) are awarded for successful actions, leveling up a unit's equipped job, and allowing new abilities available exclusively to that job to be learned. A job is "Mastered" when all all the abilities of the class have been learned; some advanced jobs are only accessible when certain jobs have been mastered, rather than simply relying on Job Level.

Each job possesses a unique skillset, whether it be various survival skills carried by the Squire, access to Items for the Chemist, or different types of Magic used by Wizards, Priests, and a number of others.

[edit] Characters

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