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Final Fantasy Type-0
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Alternative Title(s):
Developer(s): Square Enix
HexaDrive (HD)
Publisher(s): Square Enix
Series: Final Fantasy
Fabula Nova Crystallis
Native Resolution:
Platform: Playstation Portable, Playstation 4 (HD), Xbox One (HD), Windows (HD)
Release Date(s): PSP
JP.png October 27, 2011

JP.png March 19, 2015
US.png March 17, 2015
EU.png March 20, 2015

TBA 2015
Genre(s): Action Role-Playing Game
Mode(s): Single Player, Multiplayer (PSP only)
Rating(s): ESRB: M
Media: 2 UMD discs

Final Fantasy Type-0 is a PSP game that is a member of the Fabula Nova Crystallis compilation. Originally only available in Japan on PSP, a high-definition port was later created for the Playstation 4 and Xbox One and released worldwide. Due to high demand, a PC port via Steam is currently under development.

Originally, Type-0 was titled "Final Fantasy Agito XIII", but in January 2011 the "XIII" was dropped and the game renamed. A companion game was later released for mobile devices in May 2014 called Final Fantasy Agito.


[edit] Plot

Main Article: Plot (Type-0)

Final Fantasy Type-0 centers around Class Zero - a group of students from Rubrum tasked with fighting back after the Militesi Empire begins invading neighboring Crystal States. When the empire invade Rubrum with a crystal jammer, Class Zero is the only ones not effected and are sent to the front lines. The cadets push back, destroying the jammer and liberating Akademeia. The commanders then enroll two new students to Class Zero: Rem Tokimiya and Machina Kunagiri. However, knowing his brother died due to his involvement with Class Zero, Machina spends much of his time trying to determine the manner of Izana's death. Meanwhile, Class Zero battles against the Militesi hold over Orience.

[edit] Gameplay

The game utilizes a world map which can be navigated on foot, via chocobo, or via airship. Random battles can be triggered when traversing the world map on foot. Roaming monsters also inhabit the world map and can be engaged by physically encountering them. The story is divided into missions, and players can free roam in between missions but are given a set amount of in-game time. The time is depleted by completing Tasks, and when the timer reaches zero, the next story mission begins.

At the beginning of a mission, the player chooses three characters for their party and the other members are left in reserve. If a character dies during a mission, they can be replaced by a reserve member. The player directly controls one character with the other two controlled by AI. However, the player can switch between characters in the party at any time. If all characters are KO'd, the Game Over screen will appear.

The HD version of the game features four difficulty levels: Cadet (easy), Officer (normal), Agito (hard), and Finis (very hard). Finis can be unlocked by completing the game on one of the other three difficulties. Completing all missions on Finis will unlock L'Cie Mode, which allows the player to choose a member of Class Zero to become a L'Cie.

[edit] Battle System

Type-0 Battle.png

Final Fantasy Type-0 uses a real-time battle system similar to Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core. Actions are assigned to face buttons on the controller rather than chosen from a menu.

During combat missions, characters earn experience and increase their level as they defeat enemies. During battle, a character can be sacrificed to summon an Eidolon. Eidolons can be controlled by the player, or by the AI if the player switches to another character. The summon will disappear after either being defeated or after a set amount of time. By increasing levels and purchasing abilities with AP, both characters and Eidolons can unlock stronger abilities or upgrades to existing abilities. Characters also collect Phantoma after killing an enemy which can later be used to upgrade magic skills through the Altocrystarium.

By locking on to an enemy, the player may trigger a Killsight or Breaksight. Breaksight is indicated by a yellow ring over the enemy, and typically appear with stronger enemies and bosses. When timed correctly, attacking during a Breaksight will cause a certain percentage of damage to the enemy. Killsight is indicated by a red ring over the enemy, and attacking during a Killsight will instantly KO the enemy.

In certain battles, an enemy leader will appear. If the player defeats the leader, any remaining enemies will surrender. Surrendering enemies can be interacted with to gain an item.

There are three elements of magic: Fire, Ice, and Thunder. There are five types of magic attacks: Shotgun (SHG), Rifle (RF), Bomb (BOM), Missile (MIS), and Rocket Launcher (ROK). SHG is effective at close-range and spreads out vertically. RF aims straight in the direction of the target. It has a long range, but very little spread. BOM works best in a character's immediate surrounding area, and most effective against smaller and more agile enemies. MIS locks onto a target and detonates when it is close to the foe. Finally, ROK can be aimed in any direction, and will explode upon impact.

During certain missions, players can also participate in overworld real-time strategy battles called Regional Dominance Missions. After accepting the mission, the player is given a win condition. Failure to meet the win condition will trigger a Game Over.

[edit] Multiplayer

The ad-hoc multiplayer system is only available on the PSP version, and was not included in HD. But some items and skills that were exclusive to multiplayer were incorporated into the single-player mode for consoles.

A support personnel (SP) system was made available on consoles in the place of the original multiplayer. When active, AI-controlled characters can take the place of normal party members. SP points are earned while the support character is active, which can later be used to purchase special items. Typically a support character will last three minutes, but time can be extended through good play.

[edit] Characters


The playable cast of Type-0 consists of fourteen youths who attend a magic academy. They are all members of Class Zero.

  • Ace - the main protagonist, Ace wields a deck of cards as his weapon
  • Deuce - a brunette girl that wields a flute
  • Trey - a blonde boy that wields a bow
  • Cater - a red-haired girl that wields a magic gun
  • Cinque - a brunette girl that wields a mace
  • Sice - a blonde girl that wields a scythe
  • Seven - a silver-haired girl that wields an extending flail whip
  • Eight - a male, brunet martial artist
  • Nine - a blonde boy who wields a spear
  • Jack - a blonde boy who wields a katana
  • Queen - a black-haired girl with glasses who wields a longsword
  • King - a blonde boy that wields dual handguns
  • Machina Kunagiri - a black-haired boy wielding twin rapiers
  • Rem Tokimiya - a brunette girl that wields daggers

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[edit] Additional Information

[edit] Packaging & Distribution

[edit] PSP

A pre-release demo of Final Fantasy Type-0 was made available in August 2011. Players were able to transfer save data from the demo to the full version of the game. A second demo was later released in November 2011 that featured exclusive costumes and items.

The original PSP game was available in both physical and digital copies. Because of the large amount of content, it required two UMD discs.

Square Enix released a Collector's Edition that was only available online through their store. It included a limited edition soundtrack, artwork, a booklet of character introductions, and postcards.

[edit] HD

The HD version became available on both PS4 and Xbox One worldwide. First-print editions of the game came with a digital code for a Final Fantasy XV demo titled Episode Duscae. Type-0 featured both English and Japanese voice tracks for all regions.

Type-0 HD EU Collect.png

A Collector's Edition was available in both North America and Europe which included a golden SteelBook case, a Composer's Selection soundtrack, a set of five replica cards, an 80-page hardcover art book, and a 200-page manga.

The Japanese Collector's Edition included a calendar with official artwork, a set of replica cards, a CD featuring music from the Type-0 and Agito soundtracks, a Vermillion Peristylium ID card, and a cadet scarf.

Type-0 PS4.jpg

A PlayStation 4 hardware bundle was also released in Japan that included a hard copy of the game and a digital code for the Episode Duscae demo.

[edit] Development

Original logo under the title "Agito"

Final Fantasy Type-0 was originally announced in 2005 along with the reveal of the Fabula Nova Chrysallis collection. Titled Final Fantasy Agito XIII, the game was intended to be released for mobile phones. During development, it was confirmed that Square Enix intended to bring the game to PSP as well. However, in January 2011, due to limited mobile technology at the time, the mobile version was cancelled and the game continued development as a PSP exclusive. The title of the game was also changed to Final Fantasy Type-0 to distinguish it from the XIII series.

Despite claims that a western localization would be developed, the original version of the game remained a Japanese exclusive. There were also intentions of bringing an HD version of the game to the west on the Vita. But uncertainty of the western market for both PSP and Vita kept the game out of the west.

The high-definition port began development in 2012, and was officially announced in 2014. No new content was added, although certain multiplayer aspects of the PSP version were incorporated into the HD version.

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