Final Fantasy VII: Before Crisis

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Final Fantasy VII: Before Crisis
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Alternative Title(s): Before Crisis: Final Fantasy VII, FFVII:BC
Developer(s): Square Enix
Publisher(s): Square Enix
Series: Final Fantasy
Compilation of Final Fantasy VII
Native Resolution:
Platform: Mobile Phones
Release Date(s): *[JP] September 24, 2004
Genre(s): Role-Playing Game (RPG)
Mode(s): Single Player
Media: Monthly Subcription

Final Fantasy VII: Before Crisis is a Japanese role-playing game produced for mobile/cell phones. It is the prequel to the Playstation game Final Fantasy VII, and is set six years before the events of that game. It is part of the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII. The story centers around the "Turks" - the Investigation Division of the General Affairs Department of the Shinra Electric Power Company, whilst the games main antagonists are the AVALANCHE group.


[edit] Plot

Before Crisis's story begins straight after the war between the ShinRa Electric Power Company and the Wutai tribe has ended. Shinra has succeeded in becoming the dominant "force" that controls the world through both political and economic means. However there are still people who want Shinra destroyed - Shinra's main threat being the newly founded group named "AVALANCHE". Final Fantasy VII: Before Crisis focuses mainly on this conflict between the members of AVALANCHE and Shinra.

[edit] Gameplay

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[edit] Battle System

Three members of The Turks face off against a beast.

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[edit] Characters

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[edit] Turks

The Turks perform covert operations on behalf of the company, including espionage, kidnappings and assassinations. The playable Turks featured in this game aren't referred to by name and so are referred to by their choice of weapon and gender. The characters playable are as follows :

  • Rod ( Male )
  • Gun ( Female )
  • Two Guns ( Male )
  • Shotgun ( Female )
  • Martial Arts ( Female )
  • Katana ( Male )
  • Shuriken ( Female )
  • Nunchaku ( Male )
  • Knife ( Female )
  • Legend ( Male )
  • Verdot ( Male ) was the previous leader of The Turks, before he was ultimately succeeded by Tseng, who considered Verdot a role model. A former resident of the town of Kalm, he had a daughter and wife, who he believed to have died after his own orders were misinterpreted and Kalm was razed. In actuality, his daughter survived and is revealed to be Elfe, the leader of Avalanche. He cares very deeply for The Turks and protects them so that they do not have to suffer the grievances that he has had to; he also cares very much for his daughter and defects from the ShinRa company when he learns that she is still alive.


AVALANCHE are en eco-terrorist organisation who wish to topple the ShinRa company, as they believe them them to be killing the planet through their manufacturing of Mako Energy, and rightly so. The Final Fantasy VII universe features two incarnations of the AVALANCHE group, the second appearing in Final Fantasy VII itself, whilst the original group feature as playable characters in Before Crisis and they are as follows :

  • Elfe ( Female ) is the current leader of AVALANCHE.
  • Sears ( Male ) is a powerful field agent who cares deeply for Elfe
  • Fuhito ( Male ) is the intellectual force behind AVALANCHE. Fuhito is known to have created the genetically enhanced Raven troopers , who serve as his personal attack force, and shows no tolerance for failure as he kills one of his subordinates for being beaten by the Turks. In actuality he is using Elfe in a plot to summon a creature named "Zirconiade" to remove all life from the planet, thus removing all threats to its safety and well being.
  • The Ravens are a squad of AVALANCHE members who have been genetically modified by Fuhito to serve as his private attack force. They have developed increased combat capabilities, as well as the ability to recover from normally fatal wounds, although they have also lost their humanity.

[edit] Other Characters

Numerous characters from Final Fantasy VII make cameo appearances in Before Crisis, including Sephiroth, Zack Fair, and Cloud Strife. Characters from Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerberus also make appearances such as Azul and Shalua Rui.

[edit] Additional Information

[edit] Release Information

In 2005 Square Enix released a statement stating that Before Crisis would see a North American release, although, as of yet, no further information has been made available.

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