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Final Fantasy VII: Last Order is an original animation directed by Morio Asaka and Tetsuya Nomura, released in 2005 alongside Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. The OVA is an anime rendition of two flashbacks, one details events from five years before Final Fantasy VII, revolving around the Nibelheim scenario that focused on Zack Fair, Cloud Strife, Tifa Lockhart, and Sephiroth whilst the other involves Zack and Cloud on the run from Shinra. The anime cuts back and forth between these two flashbacks, linked by the Turk commander Tseng's reflection on the Nibelheim events. It is part of the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII. Note that his animation was never released outside of Japan as so there is no English dub, however the OVA is subtitled.

Last Order is not considered canon, as the events that happen in the OVA do not match up with what the games or the movie shows, and is considered by most just a treat made for those who bought the special edition box.


[edit] Plot

Zack and Cloud relax whilst traveling to Midgar.

The Shinra Company had been alerted to an investigation at the Mako Reactor in Nibelheim, saying that strange monsters have been coming from the reactor, appearing throughout the small town. Shinra had assigned two First Class SOLDIERs to the operation: Sephiroth, who was known as a hero of his day, and Zack, a spirited youth who was strong enough to become a First Class SOLDIER. Among the two SOLDIERs was a Shinra infantryman named Cloud Strife, whose hometown was Nibelheim. When they arrived at the town, a young girl named Tifa would guide them through the mountains to the Nibelheim Reactor. Cloud once knew Tifa from years back, when he lived in the town, and he promised her that he would rescue her whenever she was in trouble or a bind. He told her he was leaving the town to join First Class SOLDIER as well. Cloud, however, never made First Class, yet only became an infantryman. Ashamed of not becoming what he promised Tifa, he hid his face with his Shinra helmet.

When Zack and Sephiroth enter the Nibelheim Mako Reactor, the mysterious monsters are discovered to be humans, used as experiments, soaked and overly exposed to Mako substance. Professor Hojo of the Shinra Company had placed these science specimens in several pods inside the Mako Reactor. Sephiroth notes the writing "JENOVA" on a vault door inside the reactor, whom he was always told Jenova was the name of his mother, and then begins to suspect he is created in the same way these Mako exposed humans were.

Tifa urgently looks for her father.

For days, Sephiroth locked himself inside the Shinra Mansion in Nibelheim, reading every report and document concerning Professor Hojo and Gast's experimentation's on Mako and Jenova. These reports had led Sephiroth to discover that not only was he created the same way the monsters were, but he was injected with cells of a 2000 year old discovery inside the earth, a being called Jenova. The Jenova reports told that Jenova was an Ancient (Cetra), the true rulers of the planet. This assumption, however, was proven false later on, yet for now Sephiroth believes he is one of the Cetras, believing he was born to take the planet back from humanity. This confirmation led Sephiroth to insanity, and burned the town of Nibelheim. Tifa ran throughout the town, calling for he father. She learns from her martial arts instructor, Zangan, that her father was at the Reactor in the mountains. Tifa rushed to the reactor in search of her father before Sephiroth could get at him.

As Tifa hastened to the Reactor, she found her father in front of it, cut down by Sephiroth's masamune blade which lay next to him. As Tifa's father died next to her, she began to despise Sephiroth and Shinra.
Tifa calls after Sephiroth
Tifa took Sephiroth's sword and charged him inside the Mako Reactor. Struggling to take revenge on him, she was overpowered and cut down by Sephiroth, yet still alive. Sephiroth entered the Jenova vault inside the reactor. Zack, discovering Tifa had gone into the mountains in search of her father, ran to the Reactor where he now found the severely injured Tifa. Finding out that she had been wounded by Sephiroth, he decided to put an end to the chaos he caused, and broke into the vault. As Sephiroth spoke with Jenova, encased in a pod, he spoke of taking back the Planet. Zack interrupted him trying to get answers on why he destroyed the town of Nibelheim. Sephiroth and Zack engaged in combat, and Zack's trust in Sephiroth was now broken. Zack was defeated by Sephiroth, and launched into one of the pods in the reactor.

As Sephiroth went back to speaking with Jenova, he was stabbed through his stomach. Cloud had taken Zack's Buster Sword, holding it in Sephiroth's body, angered at destroying his hometown. As Cloud pulled the sword out of Sephiroth, he believed he had finished him, and ran to Tifa. Cloud was finally revealed to Tifa after his helmet had fallen in Jenova's fault. Tifa, remembering the promise Cloud had given her about returning to her whenever she was in trouble, was grateful to Cloud. The conversation between the two was interrupted by the sound of Jenova's pod breaking. Sephiroth had survived Cloud's attack, and took the head of Jenova from her body.

When Sephiroth exited the vault, Zack, barely alive, told Cloud to eliminate Sephiroth once and for all. Cloud grabbed the Buster Sword once again, and charged after Sephiroth. Unfortunately, this time Cloud ran into Sephiroth's masamune and was thrown on a landing above the Lifestream inside the reactor. Cloud was then stabbed again, and Sephiroth, with his masamune blade, held Cloud over the Lifestream. Cloud was unwilling to accept this defeat and not take revenge on him for destroying his hometown, he pulled himself further into the sword, allowing his feet to stand back on the landing and thrust Sephiroth backwards. Sephiroth then took the head of Jenova and jumped into the Lifestream. Cloud passed out from the masamune still inside his body after seeing Sephiroth's death. Zangan came to the Nibelheim Reactor and was able to rescue Tifa and bring her to Midgar to recover from her serious wound.

When the chaos was finally over, Shinra Company had sent the Turks and several scientists, including Professor Hojo, to the Nibelheim Reactor. When Hojo discovered Zack and Cloud, he suggested to use them as new research specimens, and ordered them to be taken to the Shin-Ra Old Mansion.

Zack attempts to carry a limp Cloud to safety in Midgar.

For the next five years, Zack and Cloud were used as experimentations of Shinra. Both of them were injected with large amounts of Jenova cells and Mako energy. The research had no effect on Zack, yet the experiments on Cloud caused him to have his entire memory erased, and his body in a comatose state and because of this, Hojo labeled him a failed experiment. Yet one day, Zack was able to break out of his pod they kept him in for scientific research, saved Cloud from his pod, and escaped from Nibelheim. Shinra had ordered the Turks along with regular SOLDIERs to find and eliminate the two escapees. Zack carried around the lifeless Cloud, defeating several SOLDIERs in the process. The Turks ordered the SOLDIERs to wait for their arrival at Zack and Cloud's location, for Tseng, leader of the Turks, was unwilling to capture their freedom again. As the Turks were going to spare their lives, the SOLDIERs did not listen, and eliminated Zack before they reached the city of Midgar. They spared Cloud's life, seeing him in a lifeless state, however, Cloud somehow managed to regain consciousness, and escaped to Midgar. There, he saw Tifa, and somehow the Jenova cells inside him merged with Tifa's memories of Zack, and created "new" memories for Cloud, believing he was Zack, yet still bearing the name Cloud. Tifa hid the fact that he was not the First Class SOLDIER, and played along with what he believed.

[edit] Cast

  • Kenichi Suzumura ... Zack
  • Takahiro Sakurai ... Cloud Strife
  • Toshiyuki Morikawa ... Sephiroth
  • Ayumi Ito ... Tifa Lockhart
  • Hiroshi Fujioka ... Zangan
  • Junichi Suwabe ... Tseng
  • Keiji Fujiwara ... Reno
  • Taiten Kusunoki ... Rude
  • Nachi Nozawa ... Professor Hojo

[edit] Additional Information

Advent Chilren Limited Editon

[edit] Release Information

  • Title: Final Fantasy VII: Last Order
  • Developer: Square Enix
  • Publisher: Square Enix
  • Genre: Anime
  • Medium: DVD-ROM (Part of Advent Children Limited Edition Box)

[edit] Release Dates

  • Japan: 14th September, 2005
  • USA: N/A
  • Europe: N/A

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