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Final Fantasy VII: On the Way to a Smile is a novella of the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII. It is a collection of short stories describing the actions of the main cast of Final Fantasy VII after the final battle. Case of Barret is the only English language component, while the others are all in Japanese with no official English translation. The novellas were included in the Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children and Advent Children Complete DVDs. Case of Denzel was made into a Japanese-language animated special feature on the Advent Children Complete DVD. Also, the scenes of Denzel being rescued by Cloud were included in the CGI scenes of Advent Children Complete.


[edit] Case of Denzel

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Case of Denzel introduces a new character, a 10-year-old boy named Denzel whose father works for Shinra. He and his family lived in Midgar's Sector 7 on top of the plate prior to the collapse.

The story begins with Johnny, a minor character from Final Fantasy VII, opens a bar in Edge after he is inspired by Tifa Lockhart's new Seventh Heaven. He names the bar "Johnny's Heaven". Denzel meets with the commissioner of the World Regenesis Organization, Reeve Tuesti, hoping to become a member of the army. Reeve asks Denzel to tell him about his history before letting him join.

Two years ago, Denzel's father came to collect Denzel and his mother. He had received advanced word that AVALANCHE was going to destroy Sector 7 and they needed to escape. However, Chloe didn't want to leave without their neighbors and friends. After his mother runs off, Denzel's father left Denzel in the care of Shinra soldiers so he could go after his wife. Denzel is taken to the safety of Sector 5 by Mr. Arkham. While waiting for his parents, he learns that Sector 7 is destroyed, likely killing his parents who stayed behind.

Denzel later runs away, but gets lost. He is collected by an elderly woman, Miss Ruvie, who takes him into her home. Ruvie took great care of Denzel, cooking for him and lending him her son's old books to read. While telling this story to Reeve, Denzel lends him a hankerchief to wipe away his sweat. Reeve takes note of the feminine pattern and Denzel explains that had belonged to Ruvie.

While staying with Ruvie, Meteor had been summoned and Ruvie explained that the end of the world would be near. She let Denzel decide what he wanted to do with his last few days, and Denzel decided to spend them with Ruvie. Later, the Lifestream came to rescue Midgar from Meteor, creating chaos in Midgar. Ruvie kept Denzel safe inside the bedroom while she suffered at the hands of the Lifestream. The next day, Denzel escaped the bedroom to find Ruvie unconscious. When he shook her, a stream of black fluid came out of her mouth, the first signs of Geostigma.

A man named Gaskin helped Denzel bury Ruvie, and allowed him to travel with the group, who was seeking safety in the slums. Eventually, the surviving citizens of Midgar began to build a new city, Edge. Denzel and the other children formed a group of scouts who searched the ruins of Midgar for parts to use in the building of Edge in exchange for food. However, signs of Geostigma were everywhere and a lot of the remaining citizens succumbed to the new disease. Eventually, many of Denzel's friends, including Gaskin, died from Geostigma, leaving only Denzel and his friend Rick. Denzel accidentally insulted his friend from the slums by suggesting they eat rats just like real kids from the slums. Rick then leaves Denzel alone in the rubble.

Denzel wanders near the old church in Sector 6, where he finds a motorcycle with a phone. He uses the phone to dial his Sector 7 home only to be reminded that it no longer existed. Instead, he redialed the last called number to the new Seventh Heaven. Tifa picks up the other end, excited that Cloud has called. During his panicked conversation with Tifa, however, Denzel puts his hand to his head and learns that he, too, has contracted Geostigma. He passed out, and although he doesn't remember what happened, he explains to Reeve that he was rescued by Cloud and ended up in the care of he and Tifa.

After hearing his story, Reeve decides not to allow Denzel into the army, instead asking Denzel to do what children do best: call up strength in adults. He also thanks Denzel for taking care of his mother, taking out an identical floral print hankerchief that matched Ruvie's.

[edit] Case of Tifa

Case of Tifa focuses on Tifa Lockhart and Cloud Strife's actions after the events of Final Fantasy VII. The story opens with Tifa cleaning the new and empty Seventh Heaven. Speaking with Marlene, Tifa learns that Denzel has been in pain from the Geostigma. During their brief exchange, Marlene and Tifa express their loneliness since Cloud's disappearance.

Tifa unhappily remembers the events of the past: the destruction of Sector 7, Meteor, and Aerith Gainsborough's death. Immediately following the events of the game, Cloud was ready to start a new life with Tifa. The party returned to the Forgotten City to visit Aerith. For the first time, Tifa allowed herself to feel the grief over Aerith's death. The party disperses, and Cloud, Tifa, and Barret journeyed to North Corel, Nibelheim, and Kalm. However, they felt no nostalgia for any of these places, and decided to return to their "suspended reality".

With Marlene in tow, the trio returned to Midgar, but seeing the destruction reminded Tifa of her guilt. Feeling the need to pay back for her sins, she, Barret, and Cloud agreed to help gather materials and help those that remained in the city. One night, Barret showed Cloud and Tifa how to make Corel wine. They drank into the night, and laughed for the first time in a long time. The next morning, they decided to open a bar in Edge and sell the wine. While deciding on a name for the new bar, Marlene innocently suggested "Seventh Heaven". While Tifa had been wanting to avoid the name which only served to remind her of a past she wanted to forget, it reminded Marlene of happier times. Realizing that she was ready, Tifa agreed and Seventh Heaven was opened.

Tifa served customers and Cloud gathered materials and food. Barret wanted to journey to settle his past. A week after 7th Heaven opened he left Marlene in Cloud and Tifa's care, telling them to keep the family together. The idea of "family" becomes a theme for Tifa, who feels she can do anything with family by her side.

Several months later, Cloud asks Tifa if he can offer someone a lifetime of free food in exchange for something. Cloud returns with Fenrir, a new motorcycle, which he could use to travel farther for supplies. Eventually, Cloud revealed that he had been performing deliveries and using the money to work on his bike. Tifa encouraged Cloud to start a delivery service with the aid of Marlene and Tifa. Strife Delivery Service was quickly successful, and Cloud was away for long periods of time.

One day while Cloud was gone, Tifa began cleaning his office and found an order from Elmyra Gainsborough, asking Cloud to deliver flowers to Aerith's grave site. Tifa realized that Cloud must have been reliving his past, but when she broached the subject with him, he refused to speak about it. His refusal spurred an outburst from Tifa, and the pair began having troubles. Even though they tried keeping civil in front of Marlene, the perceptive child picked up on the tension.

After Marlene's outburst, Tifa spoke to Cloud one night while he was asleep. She asked him if he loved her, and when he stirred, she rephrased the question to ask if he loved Marlene. Shortly after their conversation, Cloud returned to the bar with Denzel. Eventually, Denzel told Cloud and Tifa his story, and upon learning Denzel was from Sector 7, Tifa began to feel a greater responsibility toward him. He fit seamlessly into their lives, and even helped out around the bar. Denzel grew close with Cloud, his hero, sharing things with Cloud that he hadn't with Tifa. Tifa felt a little jealous, but realized that such things were normal for families. Watching Cloud teach Marlene and Denzel about the different locations brought Tifa to believe that Denzel's arrival had made them a true family.

Tifa and Cloud spoke of how Denzel came into their lives. Cloud told Tifa that he had been visiting Aerith's church, and that he believed that she had brought Denzel to him. Tifa corrects him, saying that she brought Denzel to both of them. Cloud smiled at Tifa then, and she believed that it was a sign that everything would be all right. However, it wasn't long after this that Cloud left without warning. When Tifa tries to call him, she only gets his voicemail.

[edit] Case of Barret

Months after "the chosen day", Barret left the newly established Seventh Heaven in order to go on a journey to settle his past. He placed his daughter Marlene in the care of Tifa and Cloud, leaving Tifa with the words "Don't just take. Prove you know how to give." Being with Marlene had given him peace of mind, but also shouldered him with guilt, understanding that he used her as a crutch. Barret hoped that putting space between them would help him find solace with his past.

Barret roamed the world for half a year and despite the fact that life outside of Midgar had somewhat returned to normal, Barret still felt lost, frustrated at the lack of battle. He found it difficult for a man with a gun attached to his arm to fit in.

Barret visited Old Man Sakaki who had originally given him the gun-arm, which Barret used in his revenge against Shinra. Barret asked him for a new attachment, one with a hand at the end. In exchange, Barret was to help out Sakaki's nephew. During the time on the coal-fueled truck of the nephew's crew, Barret pondered his past sins and what the future would hold. The boilerman of the crew offered Barret some advice that he should go out looking for monster's dens and destroying them.

With the fall of Shinra, Barret began to realize that people would have to learn to live without mako energy. While in a small village, Barret had an encounter with a girl that had contracted Geostigma. The girl's father aked that they take the girl to Midgar for a cure. The boilerman decided to tell them that no one in Midgar knew of a cure even if it took away their hope. However, the girl died and uttered, "Please take me to Midgar..." with her last breath. Barret, visibly upset, started to ponder about the possibility of mako-fueled airship that can aid with reconstruction and effectively transport sick children.

Barret visited a nearby oilfield where he happened upon Shera who had been conducting research into oil as a new source of fuel. Shera, he realized, had contracted Geostigma as well.

In Rocket Town, Barret meets up with Cid Highwind who had been building a new airship. After catching up, Barret offers his service to Cid's endeavors. He shares his idea with Cid of using the airship to help people all over the planet. When Cid scolded him for wanting to use mako after fighting against it for so long, Barret became conflicted and unleashed a hail of bullets on the ceiling. He explained to Cid that his past was a minefield of mistakes, and asked him for advice on how to atone.

Cid put Barret to work on fixing ceiling, but explained how he planned on utlizing rediscovered technology. He intended to utlize oil as a fuel source in place of mako or coal. After learning that the oilfield that Shera had been working in was unsuccessful in yielding oil, Barret began a search for new oilfields.

In between his work, Barret returned to Old Man Sakaki who fitted him with a new prosthesis. It was a metal hand that also doubled as a weapon. Upon leaving the shop, Barret determined to write a letter to Marlene with his new hand, and deliver that letter to her in person.

[edit] Case of Nanaki

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[edit] Case of Yuffie

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[edit] Case of Shinra

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[edit] Lifestream Black/White

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