Fire Charm

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Fire Charm
Rank 5
Upgrade to Twenty-sided Die Lv.1
Upgrade Catalyst Mnar Stone
Synth Group Fire Resistance
Exp to Star.png 750

Fire Charm is an accessory in Final Fantasy XIII that randomly absorbs fire damage and converts it to HP.

[edit] How to Acquire

  • Treasure: Archylte Steppe-Western Benchland (Ch.11)

[edit] Star.png Dismantles to

  • Chocobo Plume x10
  • Crystal Oscillator x3
  • Ember Ring x1

[edit] Bonus Levels

Level Property Exp Cost Sell Price
1 Random: Fire Eater 0 7500 gil
Star.png Random: Fire Eater 750 7628 gil

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