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Gaia is the main planet of Final Fantasy IX. Gaia is made up of four continents: Mist Continent, Outer Continent, Lost Continent, and Forgotten Continent.


[edit] World Map

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[edit] Mist Continent

The Mist Continent is home to the majority of the people of Gaia. The large amounts of Mist that exist on this continent allow the use of airships.

[edit] Alexandria

Main Article: Alexandria

Alexandria is the nation led by Queen Brahne at the beginning of the game. The capital city of the same name is the starting location of the game. It is the hometown of both Princess Garnet and Adelbert Steiner.

[edit] Evil Forest

The Evil Forest is south of the city of Alexandria. It is a perilous forest where dangerous flora grows, and the forest itself tends to petrify. The party lands here when the Prima Vista crashes.

[edit] Ice Cavern

The Ice Cavern is a tunnel made of ice that runs underneath a mountain. Here, Zidane encounters Black Waltz No. 1, and helps Garnet adopt the pseudonym "Dagger".

[edit] Dali

Main Article: Dali

Dali is a small village that hides the underground faculty that creates the Black Mages. When Vivi is mistaken for one of the Black Mages, the party accidentally discovers the factory. They escape the village by boarding the Cargo Ship and change its course for Lindblum.

[edit] Morrid's Tower

Morrid's Tower, or Observatory Mountain, is a tower just outside of Dali that serves as the home to Morrid, a coffee-lover.

[edit] Lindblum

Main Article: Lindblum

Lindblum is a regency led by Cid Fabool IX, and the hometown of Zidane Tribal. It is divided into four sections: the Theater District, the Industrial District, the Business District, and Lindblum Castle.

[edit] Chocobo's Forest

Chocobo's Forest is a round forest where the player can begin the Chocobo Hot and Cold minigame.

[edit] Gizamaluke's Grotto

Gizamaluke's Grotto is a cave-like area that serves as a path between Lindblum and Burmecia. Doors within the grotto are opened by using bells.

[edit] Burmecia

Main Article: Burmecia

Burmecia is a city in the northwestern section of the continent, and the hometown of Freya Crescent.

[edit] North Gate

The North Gate is a large gateway in Alexandria that allows travel between Burmecia and Alexandria. However, due to events at the beginning of the game, it is unusable by the player.

[edit] South Gate

The South Gate is a large gateway in Alexandria that allows travel between Lindblum and Alexandria. During the party's escape from Black Waltz No. 2, the South Gate becomes damaged, but still functions.

[edit] Summit Station

Main Article: Summit Station

Summit Station sits between Lindblum and Alexandria, using a cable car system to allow travel.

[edit] Quan's Dwelling

Quan's Dwelling is a cave that once served as the home of Quan and Vivi Orunitia. Vivi left the cave for Alexandria after Quan's death.

[edit] Treno

Main Article: Treno

Treno is a large city on the eastern portion of the continent, and the home of Doctor Tot. The player can participate in Tetra Master tournaments at Card Stadium. The Auction House can be visited by the player interested in bidding on rare items.

[edit] Gargan Roo

Gargan Roo is an old tunnel that serves as transportation between Treno and Alexandria by riding on the back of a Gargant.

[edit] Cleyra

Main Article: Cleyra

Cleyra is a village located in a large tree on the northwestern area of the continent. It is surrounded by a perpetual sandstorm that protects the village.

[edit] Pinnacle Rocks

Pinnacle Rocks is a small area where the party ends up accidentally, but meets Ramuh who helps them after they piece together parts of his story.

[edit] Fossil Roo

Main Article: Fossil Roo

Fossil Roo is an old tunnel that serves as transportation between the Mist Continent and the Outer Continent by riding on the back of a Gargant.

[edit] Outer Continent

The Outer Continent is the northeastern-most continent in Gaia.

[edit] Conde Petie

Main Article: Conde Petie

Conde Petie is home to the dwarves. Passage through the city is only granted for those that participate in a marriage ceremony.

[edit] Conde Petie Mountain Path

The Mountain Path leads out of Conde Petie to the Iifa Tree or Madain Sari.

[edit] Black Mage Village

Main Article: Black Mage Village

Black Mage Village is home to self-aware Black Mages that have hidden themselves away in the secluded village.

[edit] Madain Sari

Main Article: Madain Sari

Madain Sari is the hometown of Eiko Carol and her friend Mog. Previously home to Summoners, the village was destroyed ten years prior to the events of the game, leaving Eiko alone with the moogles.

[edit] Iifa Tree

The Iifa Tree is a large tree that reaches deep into the ground and gives off Mist. Originally in Terra, the tree was moved many years prior to the game by Garland in order to filter Gaia's souls.

[edit] Desert Palace

Main Article: Desert Palace

The Desert Palace is Kuja's base on Gaia, buried deep underground and only able to be reached through an Antlion hole.

[edit] Earth Shrine

The Earth Shrine is one of the four shrines across Gaia that need to be activated simultaneously in order to gain access to Terra.

[edit] Mognet Central

Mognet Central is the center of operations for the Moogles' mail service. It can only be accessed with a Blue or Gold Chocobo.

[edit] Lost Continent

The Lost Continent is found in the northwest corner of the Gaian map covered in snow.

[edit] Esto Gaza

Main Article: Esto Gaza

Esto Gaza is a village inhabited by religious fanatics and considered a holy site .

[edit] Mount Gulug

Main Article: Mount Gulug

Mount Gulug is a dormant volcano that previously existed on Terra.

[edit] Fire Shrine

The Fire Shrine is one of the four shrines across Gaia that need to be activated simultaneously in order to gain access to Terra.

[edit] Shimmering Island

Shimmering Island is located just off of the mainland of the Lost Continent and serves as a pathway between Gaia and Terra.

[edit] Forgotten Continent

The Forgotten Continent is the western continent of Gaia. An airship is required to reach most of the major locations.

[edit] Daguerreo

Main Article: Daguerreo

Daguerreo is a large library with various shops located on an island off the southern tip of the continent.

[edit] Ipsen's Castle

Main Article: Ipsen's Castle

Ipsen's Castle is a strange castle with rooms that are upside down. Unique weapons can be obtained by visiting the castle.

[edit] Oeilvert

Main Article: Oeilvert

Oeilvert is in the center of the continent and holds a lot of Terra's history. It has an anti-magic field, preventing the use of magic by the party.

[edit] Water Shrine

The Water Shrine is one of the four shrines across Gaia that need to be activated simultaneously in order to gain access to Terra. The Water Shrine is on a small island south of Ipsen's Castle.

[edit] Wind Shrine

The Wind Shrine is one of the four shrines across Gaia that need to be activated simultaneously in order to gain access to Terra. The Wind Shrine is among the mountains southeast of Oeilvert.

[edit] Chocobo's Lagoon

Chocobo's Lagoon is the southernmost location in Gaia. Chocographs and pieces can be found in the lagoon.

[edit] Other Locations

[edit] Qu's Marsh

There are four Qu's Marshes around Gaia. Quina Quen can be recruited to the party by visiting Qu's Marsh as early as Disc 1. The player is able to engage in the Frog Catching minigame with Quina.

[edit] Memoria

Main Article: Memoria

Memoria appears above the Iifa Tree after the destruction of Terra. Here, the party finally faces off against Kuja and the final bosses.

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