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Gippal during the ending speech
Age 18
Group Affiliation Machine Faction
Gender Male
Weapon Gun

Gippal is a non-playable character from Final Fantasy X-2. Gippal is the leader of the Al Bhed Machine Faction. He was a former Crimson Squad candidate. Gippal joined because he wanted to be a Crusader, but they did not allow him in because of his race, whereas the Crimson Squad did not exclude him. He also mentions dating Rikku in the past. How exactly Gippal lost his eye remains unknown.

Gippal was a candidate in the Crimson Squad, grouped with Nooj, Baralai, and Paine. During the exploration of the Den of Woe, he was overrun by Shuyin’s despair, causing him to raise his gun at his teammates. He was subsequently stopped by Paine. After the rest of the squad had killed each other, Gippal and his team exit to report what happened, only to be shot at again at the behest of Kinoc. The team escapes bullets once again, only to be shot at by Nooj/Shuyin at the Mi'ihen Highroad. Gippal escapes and flees to Bikanel Island and meets Auron shortly before Home was destroyed.

At the coming of the Eternal Calm, Gippal and a number of Al Bhed moved into Djose Temple and formed the Machine Faction, an organization set out to discover the secrets of machina, and to find out more about Vegnagun. He and Nhadala run the organization together; Gippal running Djose, and Nhadala running the excavation camp in Bikanel. The Machine Faction is unique in Spira because they chose not to side with either the Youth League or New Yevon’s political squabbles, even though they are a major power in Spira.

Gippal is first encountered by Yuna during their first visit to Djose. He shamelessly flirted with her as well as teasing Rikku, calling her “Cid’s girl” while pretending to not remember her name, then ruffling her hair. Gippal immediately recognizes Paine, but doesn’t reveal his connection to her after a threatening look from Paine.

When the fiends begin to pour from the temples, Gippal is the first to refuse the Friendly Neighborhood Gullwings services, saying Spira shouldn’t run to Yuna to solve all of her problems. Afterwards, he leaves the temple to have a rendezvous with Nooj and Baralai, where Shuyin forces Nooj to raise his guns at Baralai and Gippal. Paine stops Shuyin, and he flees Nooj to enter Baralai. Gippal and Nooj run after Baralai to the Farplane. He is seen again chasing Shuyin/Baralai away from Yuna, then flee to the deepest depths of the Farplane.

After YRP braves the Farplane depths, they find Gippal wounded slightly after trying to stop Baralai. Gippal gives Paine her sphere left in the recorder after the Crimson Squad’s collapse. It revealed that Paine wished to fly on an airship with Gippal as the mechanic, Baralai as the navigator, and Nooj as their captain. Gippal goes with YRP to help Nooj defeat Baralai.

Gippal joins his friends at Luca Stadium to make a speech about Spira’s future; much like Yuna did two years prior. Gippal’s speech is that everyone in Spira wants to “ride together”, and get along. He bows with Nooj and Baralai after they apologize (although Gippal had done nothing wrong), then gives Yuna a shout out in thanks.


[edit] Boss Battle

FFX2 Gippal Battle.jpg

Gippal appears as a boss in Chapter 5 at the Den of Woe. His "Mortar" attack can be learned as a Blue Bullet ability.

[edit] Stats

Level HP MP
56 14800 235
Strength Defense Magic Mag Def
73 68 55 33
Agility Evasion Accuracy Luck
118 23 6 0
1200 5 5000
Elemental Affinities
Fire Water Lightning Ice Gravity Holy
- - - - Immune -
Status Immunities & Defenses
Death Petrify Sleep Silence Darkness Poison
Immune Immune Immune Immune Immune Immune
Confusion Berserk Curse Eject Slow Stop
Immune Immune Immune Immune Immune Immune
Power Break Armor Break Magic Break Mental Break
- - - -
Luck Change Eva. Change Acc. Change Zantetsu
- - - 160
Doom Delay Prep. Int. Mult. Damage
Immune Immune Immune Immune
Other Information
Item Steal White Lore
Gil Steal 15,000 Steal Ratio 128/255
Bribe -
Drop Kaiser Knuckles Drop Ratio 255/255
Abilities Bullseye, Flash Bomb, Grinder, Hush Grenade, Mortar, Potion Plus

[edit] Scan

"A presence formed when Gippal encountered Shuyin's despair in the Den of Woe two years ago. His anger fused with pyreflies and assumed this shape."

[edit] Strategy

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See Also: Bosses (FFX-2)

[edit] Quotes

"We made quite the couple once" (about Rikku)
"You already took care of Sin. We need to stop running to you to solve all our problems" (to Yuna)
"You know, I realize I'm like a lot of you people. We want a captain, and we want a ship to ride, but more important than that, really, we all wanna ride together." (Ending Speech)
"I think we all owe thanks to a very special lady. (applause) Yeeeah, you all know who I'm talking about" (about Yuna)

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