Icicle Ring

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Icicle Ring
Rank 4
Upgrade to Boreal Ring Lv.4
Upgrade Catalyst Uraninite
Synth Group Ice Resistance
Exp to Star.png 2508

Icicle Ring is an accessory in Final Fantasy XIII that increases the user's resistance to ice damage. It can only be obtained through upgrading, and its lowest level is 3.

[edit] How to Acquire

[edit] Star.png Dismantles to

  • Seapetal Scale x12
  • Tear of Frustration x8
  • Spined Horn x1

[edit] Bonus Levels

Level Property Exp Cost Sell Price
3 Ice Resistance +29% 612 3174 gil
4 Ice Resistance +31% 724 3261 gil
5 Ice Resistance +33% 836 3348 gil
Star.png Ice Resistance +35% 948 3435 gil
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