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A Job System that includes 36 classes is used in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. Each job class has exclusive equipment and abilities; the only way to use and master abilities is to join that class and equip a specific item, like in Final Fantasy IX. Most items that can be equipped have various job-specific abilities assigned them. These abilities are available for use only while that item is equipped; however, abilities can be mastered by fighting in battles. When a battle is completed, characters will receive Ability Points (AP) distributed over their currently equipped abilities. Once enough AP is received for a given ability, the character will master that ability. The character retains it for use at any time, regardless of the items equipped and job chosen.

The ability sub-menu: Units have a primary job which determines the stat boosts they receive when they level up and the attributes associated with that class. A unit may also have a secondary job, where they can use any abilities of the selected job, but with the stat profile of the primary job. e.g. an Assassin with a Sniper secondary job could use abilities from both jobs, but has the stat profile of her primary job.


[edit] Jobs List

[edit] Viera

[edit] Hume

[edit] Nu Mou

[edit] Bangaa

[edit] Moogle

[edit] Specialist Jobs

After completing their respective missions, some unique characters may offer to join your clan. These Characters come with Specialist Jobs and Abilitys.

These Special Job Characters can equip a range of weapons and armour, but cannot change Jobs or learn new Abilities.

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