Lost in the Lifestream

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(Lv. 57) Lost in the Lifestream
Issuing NPC Alphinaud
Location Old Gridania - Nophica's Altar (8-10)
Type MSQ.png Main Scenario
Level 57
Unlocks MSQ.png Tataru's Surprise
Requires MSQ.png Aetherial Trail

Lost in the Lifestream is a Main Scenario quest in the Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn expansion, Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward. It can be unlocked by completing the quest "Aetherial Trail" at level 57.

[edit] Information


default 76,800 default 720

Alphinaud is eager to petition the Elder Seedseer's aid in rescuing Y'shtola.


  • Speak with Kan-E-Senna at the Lotus Stand.
  • Speak with Tataru.
  • Speak with Y'mhitra.
  • Speak with Tataru.

[edit] Journal

Alphinaud informs you that he has arranged an audience with the Elder Seedseer. Speak with the silent conjurer at Nophica's Altar to be admitted to the Lotus Stand.

Kan-E-Senna readily agrees to petition the elementals' aid in searching the Lifestream for Y'shtola. She warns, however, that the beings will need to be presented with aether that is akin to that of your missing comrade if they are to identify her. For a blessing, it would seem that a sister of Y'shtola's has taken up residence in Gridania. Ask Tataru for more information on the woman.

According to Tataru, Y'shtola's sister─a <switch:> by the name of Y'mhitra─is often seen in the vicinity of Apkallu Falls. Seek her there.

Unsurprisingly, Y'mhitra agrees to cooperate in the search for her sister, and accompanies you to Everschade. A short while later, the Seedseers begin communing with the elementals, and with the ethereal beings' aid, they succeed in plucking Y'shtola from the Lifestream, insensible but alive. Kan-E-Senna duly orders her guards to bear your unconscious friend to the Roost to receive proper ministration. Make your own way there and rejoin Tataru.

Tataru cannot contain her joy at Y'shtola's return, and many happy tears are shed. All that remains now is to pray for her swift recovery.

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