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Marlene Wallace
Marlene AC2.jpg
Marlene as she appears in Advent Children

Marlene Wallace is a non-playable character from the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII. She is the adopted daughter of Barret Wallace and lives at 7th Heaven with the members of AVALANCHE.


[edit] Final Fantasy VII

Marlene is first introduced as Barret's shy 4-year-old adopted daughter when AVALANCHE first returns to 7th Heaven. The player has the option of giving her a flower upon first meeting her. When the members of AVALANCHE leave for their next mission, Marlene (even at her young age) is left in charge of the bar.

Later, Aeris rescues Marlene from Sector 7 before the plate falls. Aeris gives herself to the Turks in exchange for Marlene's safety, who then stays with Elmyra.

When the party arrives at North Corel, Barret relates the story of the town of Corel, which was burned down by Shinra under suspicions of AVALANCHE activity. Marlene's biological mother was killed, and Barret was unable to save her father, Dyne. When the party is sentenced to Corel Prison, Barret realizes that Dyne is in fact alive and believes Marlene is dead. Even after Barret assures him that she is alive, he considers himself unworthy of being her father and commits suicide.

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During the party's second trip to the Gold Saucer, Cait Sith reveals that Marlene has been kidnapped, forcing the party to comply with Shinra’s wishes. She is later returned to Elmyra, and the two are ushered out of Midgar by Reeve and safely taken to Kalm.

In the closing scenes of the game, Marlene sees Holy and the Lifestream, and recognizes that Aeris has sent them to save the Planet.

[edit] Final Fantasy VII: On the Way to a Smile

When Barret, Tifa, and Cloud are thinking of a name for their new bar in Edge, Marlene suggests naming it 7th Heaven after the old bar. Even though Tifa is against it, she acquieses to Marlene's request. Marlene becomes the official taster of Tifa's children's menu, a job she takes very seriously.

Later, when Cloud and Tifa start to become distant to each other, they attempt to portray their relationship to the children as unchanged. But Marlene, ever perceptive, recognizes their false attempts at placating them and calls them out on it, indicating that she is deeply affected by Cloud and Tifa's relationship.

[edit] Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

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Marlene takes a much larger role in the film, even narrating the opening scenes where she recounts the events of Final Fantasy VII. She is first seen taking care of Denzel who has been afflicted with Geostigma.

Later, she accompanies Tifa to Aeris' church in search of Cloud and is insistant on waiting for his arrival. Just before Loz defeats Tifa, Marlene bravely throws a piece of materia at him in Tifa’s defense. Marlene is, however, subsequently kidnapped by Loz and taken to the Forgotten City.

When Denzel falls under Kadaj's influence, she tries to call to him, but to no avail. She manages to escape her captors during Cloud’s battle with them, and meets up with Cloud and Vincent just outside the base. Marlene’s candidness, along with his conversations with Aeris, help Cloud realize that he can forgive himself and return to his family.

Marlene is pictured at the end of the film with the rest of the cast holding Cait Sith in one arm, and holding Barret’s hand with the other.

[edit] Quotes

"'Sadness was the price to see it end.' It's been two years since they told me that." (Advent Children)
"Forget it, Cloud! You never pay any attention to us!" (Advent Children)

[edit] Gallery

Artwork of Marlene in FFVII by Nomura
10th Anniversary CG render of Marlene & Barret

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