Mewt Randell

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Mewt Randell
Species Hume
Class Librarian
Weapon Type Snow Ball

Mewt Randell is a main character of Final Fantasy Tactics Advance.

[edit] Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

Mewt is the one who transformed the real world to the imaginary world of Ivalice using the Gran Grimoire. In this new world, he is prince, with his father Cid Randell as the Judgemaster, and his deceased mother Queen Remedi as the Queen. Mewt is a classmate of Marche's who carries a teddy bear with him all the time. He is very shy and timid and is often picked on by other kids at school. Mewt's father, Judgemaster in world of Ivalice, has problems ever since Mewt's mother fell ill and died. The teddy bear was a gift from his mother. Mewt is the one who found the old book (the Gran Grimoire)

[edit] Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift

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Mewt plays a minor role in Final Fantasy Tactics A2 as the librarian of the school Luso Clemens, the boy who recreates Ivalice with the Gran Grimoire, attends.

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