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There are 300 missions in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. With so many missions available in the game, it becomes very confusing as to what the requirements are to get each mission. However with this in-depth guide, you can complete them all in no time at all.

The game can be quite simple by making sure to use the right abilities at the right times, and ALWAYS check the laws of the mission to avoid getting a Yellow or Red card.

Also a quick note on how the Mission Types, Durations work. The Duration for the Encounter Mission types tells you how long you have to complete the battle (fight the enemy) before the mission times out, and you have to re-purchase the mission again. For the Dispatch missions, the durations tells you how long they will be away from your party, for example if its a dispatch mission of 5 days, moving around 5 times (taking a move of 1 each time) will end the mission and you will be told whether it was a success or a failure.

There is a simple way to avoid failures in dispatch missions. When selecting who to send out, take a look at what the character is doing. If he/she is kneeling that means that they will fail the mission. If they are walking, then chances of the mission being a success are low, but not non-existent. If they are jumping up and down (like they do when they gain a level) then that means that the mission will be a success. Take that into consideration and you can never fail a mission. Remember items sent on missions are gone for good.

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