One Big Happy Flock

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One Big Happy Flock
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Gamerscore 30
Description Hatched 100 chocobos at the chocobo ranch.

One Big Happy Flock is a trophy and achievement in Final Fantasy Type-0. To earn this award, hatch 100 chocobos. After completing the second mission of Chapter 2, take the teleport pad in Akademeia to the Chocobo Ranch. Speak to the nearby NPC to unlock breeding. After capturing at least one male and one female chocobo on the world map, you can use the greens to breed them. Additional greens can be purchased or found in various locations. The counter carries over through playthroughs.

Alternately, you can achieve this by breeding a set of chocobos, speak to three people with "!" over their heads to advance the game time by six hours, then save. Retrieve the chocobo eggs, then quit to the main menu without saving. When you load up the game again, speak to the NPC to retrieve the chocobo eggs again. Each time you retrieve the eggs, it will add up toward the award. Repeat until you have acquired 100 chocobos and the award pops.

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