Systematic Exploration

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(Lv. 59) Systematic Exploration
Issuing NPC Cid
Location Azys Lla - Alpha Quadrant - Helix (9-11)
Type MSQ.png Main Scenario
Level 59
Unlocks MSQ.png In Node We Trust
SQ.png Basic Training
SQ.png Excessive Force
SQ.png General Protection
SQ.png Good Clean Fun
Requires MSQ.png The First Flight of the Excelsior

Systematic Exploration is a Main Scenario quest in the Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn expansion, Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward. It can be unlocked by completing the quest "The First Flight of the Excelsior" at level 59.

[edit] Information


default 86,400 default 641

Strength Materia IV.png Dexterity Materia IV.png Mind Materia IV.png Intelligence Materia IV.png Aether Current.png

Cid looks like a man with a plan.


  • Search for a terminal. 0/3
  • Speak with Cid.
  • Search for Wedge.
  • Speak with Cid.

[edit] Journal

Having established a base camp, Cid suggests that you find one of the terminals connected to the isle's operational heart. Search the area for an active terminal.

Your search has yielded nothing. Return to base camp and report to Cid.

As he ponders your report, Cid notices with a start that Wedge has wandered off without a word. Help him find his absent-minded colleague before trouble does.

You find Wedge, who in his turn has found a curious spherical...thing. Ask Cid what he makes of this discovery.

The spherical device turns out to be a “guidance node,” which furnishes you with a destination:

the Aetherochemical Research Facility, situated upon the Flagship. Though it is unclear what the archbishop seeks in the area marked “Triad Control,” you can be sure no good will come of it.

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